How to travel to Desolace in World of Warcraft: Reaching Desolace is no easy task, but you also don’t want to miss out on discovering the land where the kodo elders head when they feel they are about to die. But, if in addition to the spirit of adventure, you are motivated by the possibility of saving and getting gold in that desolate region turned into a bloody battlefieldin this SamaGame entry we are going to help you get there as soon as possible so that you only have to spend your time filling your pockets with this precious and valuable metal.

desolation in an ideal area to get a lot of gold in World of Warcraft Classic, but it is not easy to reach this place by following the game maps. The old maps of Kalimdor aren’t much help and you could spend hours looking for the exact location of the road that will take you to this region, as arid from a landscape point of view as it is fertile when it comes to getting gold.

What is Desolace like?

Desolace is home to four fierce centaur tribes who battle to dominate both that area and their peers. It is a neutral land located on the western coast of Kalimdor. The territory is littered with wastelands and contains incredible loot that will delight the most thirsty of players for blood and wealth. This region has small settlements of horde races and powerful alliances. It is a level 30-40 zone that is not under the domain of any of the factions, which makes it a favorable place for PvP confrontations.

Although its landscape is not exactly very colorful, there are many tasks to perform here. For example, visit the sacred caverns of Maraudon or the Thunder Ax Fortress. But before having the privilege of contemplating these places, you will have to get to Desolace.

How to get to Desolace

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Blizzard included some ships with the ability to set sail from Stormwind to help players navigate more easily. In Classic, there is no possibility to access these ships, so you will have to spend a lot more time when traveling. That is why we are going to provide you with some valuable advice so that you can reach Desolace with any of the characters you can handle.

night elves

The elves could find themselves in the Asheville or Stonetalon Mountains when they reach the level required to face the dangers they will encounter in Desolace. All they have to do is head south through Charred Veil, in the southwest of Stonetalon. You will find the Desolace region to the south of Charred Vale. If you follow this advice, you have no loss.

Gnomes and dwarves:

Head towards Ironforge and outrun it, heading first east and then north until you reach the wetlands. Keep the direction that marks the way to the western edge of the wetlands, where you will find the port of Menethil. Once there, travel to Auberdine by boat. Then take the same route as the night elves to the south of Charred Vale in Stonetalon.


After finding your way to Stormwind, head to the Dwarven District. Take the Deeprun tram to Ironforge and follow the same instructions that we have indicated in the Gnomes and Dwarfs section.


The different races of the horde will have to undertake practically the same way. The zeppelin you’ll find in the Undercity will take players to Origimmar from wherever they’ve been on their journey. Immediately afterwards, head south following the northwest route. This is connect with the route southwest leading to Charred Vale. You will see a small path in the southwest corner of Charred Vale that ends precisely where the Desolace region begins.

Make sure that the Horde characters are as suitable as possible for a PvP showdownsince in these territories you will find these types of challenges.

After following these tips from Trick Library, you will have saved up quite a bit of gold and will be able to get more resources in Desolace. But you’ll have to try your best. So, you know, go for the gold!