How to unlock all weapons in GTA Online

GTA Online is one of the most popular entertainment games in the world, where the interaction between users provides a fun environment. To add to the fun, the game’s charms are expanded with the use of upgraded weapons. But many do not know how to unlock all weapons in GTA Online.

Here we’ll explain to you how to do it:

1. Play warstock cache and carry.

It is a delivery service to obtain exclusive and improved weapons and vehicles. The approximate cost of all weapons is approximately 2.5 million dollars.

2. It mainly uses game modes.

There are some game modes, where you can get certain discounts to buy weapons. These discounts are provided by the company ‘Maze Bank’. These discounts will help you unlock all the weapons for a lower cost.

3. Complete the challenges.

You can also unlock all weapons by completing certain challenges. The Maze Bank company provides discounts on weapons for completing some of the missions. Also, if you’re lucky, you might also get additional items for your character.

4. Get VIP levels.

Lastly, you can get discounts on weapons by earning the VIP levels. These levels give you certain benefits, such as being automatically premium in the Maze bank. This makes you get discounts on bad and good weapons.

Some recommendations:

  • Be sure to invest all your savings in the game to buy weapons.
  • Do not despair. You can unlock all the weapons with a good strategy.
  • Try all the game modes to get weapons and upgrade them.
  • Follow all the above recommendations to the letter.

With these tips, you will surely unlock all the weapons in GTA Online and you will enjoy the game to the fullest.

How to unlock all weapons in GTA Online

GTA Online is a world full of dangers and challenges that can be faced in many ways: destroying objectives, stealing vehicles, robbing banks or challenging other players in combat. Many of these challenges require good equipment.How to unlock all weapons in GTA Online?

1. Complete main and side missions

Weapons cannot be purchased directly in the game, but can be obtained by completing missions. These include both main and side quests, which are offered through various contacts. By completing these missions, you will receive a wide variety of weapons.

2. Buy weapons in the Black Market

The Black Market is one of the best places to find weapons in GTA Online. This black market is found in certain locations throughout the map and contains a wide variety of weapons that players can purchase. However, it is not cheap and the prices are somewhat high.

3. Buy weapons from other players

Players can also buy weapons from other players. These are usually cheaper than what is offered on the black market, but with a lower quality. Players can use hunting, a popular form among players, to search for affordable weapons at reduced prices.

4. Use cheat codes

Cheat codes are another way to get weapons in GTA Online. These can be found online and are very simple to use. Players just have to enter the correct codes on the console to get a variety of weapons.


  • Complete main and secondary missions: Weapons can be obtained by completing various missions.
  • Buy weapons in the Black Market: Weapons can be purchased in the Black Market at somewhat high prices.
  • Buy weapons from other players: Players can buy weapons from other players at reduced prices.
  • Use cheat codes: Use cheat codes to get a variety of weapons.

After following all these instructions, players should have all the necessary weapons to face the challenges they face in GTA Online.

How to unlock all weapons in GTA Online

Are you new to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online cybercrime? Do you want to have all the weapons, but don’t know how to unlock them? Here is a guide to help you.

Raids (Heists)

Raids – End of the World: By completing this multi-level raid, you will unlock all the weapons in GTA Online. This raid is available from level 12.

Raids- Armed Robberies: By completing these raids, you will unlock weapons such as the combat shotgun, long barreled revolver, mauser pistol, and others. These raids will be available from level 1.


Loot is an easy way to unlock various weapons:

  • Young Master Chefs Adventure: Unlocks the pistol and the assault rifle.
  • Imperial Fuel Delivery: Unlocks the light machine gun.
  • Kidnapping in the box: Unlocks the sniper and bunny grenades.
  • Mac Rescue Mission: Unlocks the combat rifle.
  • The city center: Unlock the boss shotgun.

gun shops

GTA Online gun shops are a good source of weapons. You will have to invest real money to buy them, but when you buy them, you will unlock all the available weapons.

Other forms

You can unlock weapons by spending real money on bonus packs. Or you can also complete some special missions. These missions will be available from level 30.

I hope this guide helps you to unlock all the weapons in GTA Online. Have fun playing!