How to unlock an inactive iPhone. If the iPhone cannot be activated using either option, and the code is entered incorrectly multiple times, the device is locked and rendered useless by the system. For this reason, it is important to know how to unlock inactive iphone and reuse its functions.

This situation usually occurs with people who forgot the code, bought the locked device either they had a specific malfunction. In any case, the problem can be solved putting iPhone in recovery modeas long as you have the your Apple ID login details.

What does idle iPhone mean?

The iPhone turns idle when the authentication code is entered incorrectly 6 times on the lock screen. This means that none of the functions can be used until you press the numerical sequence that makes up the code or put the device into recovery mode.

This issue can also be associated with other iOS features such as unlocking with a Face ID mask. Then, If you have difficulty unlocking with the mask on your face, better take it off, use Face ID and avoid the risk of getting the lock code wrong.

So later on you need to change your iPhone passcode or if not possible, reset your Apple ID password. However, if you no longer have access to your Apple ID, you’ll need to unlock your account to restore your iPhone and regain access to its features.

Some other very specific situations can also interfere with iPhone authentication. Assistive Touchfor example, you can lock screen and disallow touch unlock. There is no need to reset system settings here, just, triple press the side button (or higher) for disable function and enter the iPhone home screen.

How long can the iPhone be idle

When the lock code is entered several times without success, it will be permanently idle until iTunes puts it in recovery mode and restores it. This means that there is not a predefined period for you to use the device again; As long as it’s locked, there’s nothing you can do.

This proposition also holds true for people who ended up buying a bricked iPhone. The problem is that, even putting the device in recovery mode and erasing the data, the data of those who registered the phone with the Apple ID will be needed. So if the seller of the iPhone does not own or have this information, there is no way to activate it.

Forgot iPhone passcode (code)

If you have an iPhone with access to the Apple ID registered on the device, forgetting the iPhone unlock code is a reversible problem. Remember that the device access recovery process will erase all data. however you can restore them via iCloud almost completely, as long as you have configured an automatic backup on your system.

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