How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a fashion action platformer that features a variety of adorable outfits and clothing for your character. If you want to win any costumes, here are some handy tips to unlock them.

How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

tips and tricks

increase your level – As you level up in the game, you get more coins to be used in costume shops.

play every day – For each consecutive game day you play, you will get a small reward of credits used to unlock costumes.

Get rid of useless items – The items in your briefcase are important for the invention of suits, therefore it is important to identify the items that you no longer need in order to get rid of them and earn even more credits.


Bargainer’s Shop – In this store you can find exclusive outfits at lower prices.

Optimization Store – In this store you will find the latest color patterns for your shirt and pants.

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Cooling Store – Many unique costumes and accessories for your character are sold in this shop.

Suit List

  • Mr Bee Suit
  • Skull Costume
  • monk outfit
  • Mr Teddy Suit
  • fisherman costume
  • skater outfit
  • Astronaut suit
  • pirate costume

Costume Unlock Example

Here’s an example of how to unlock Mr. Bee’s Suit: First, you need to level up by winning multiple rounds, collecting items, and accumulating credits. Once you earn enough credits, you can visit the Bargainer’s shop to buy the Mr. Bee Costume.


As you can see, there are many ways to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys. With these tips and tricks, you’re now better prepared to find the perfect outfit for your character! Be sure to play day after day to earn more credits and enjoy your outfit even more!

How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a fun battle royale platform game with a huge number of costume themes that can be unlocked for your character. The goals of the costumes is to make your character stand out from your competitors and be customized to your liking.

How to unlock the costumes

Fortunately, unlocking the costumes is quite intuitive, since there are several ways to get the precious skins:

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  • weekly prizes: Weekly in-game prizes provide different outfits based on the number of wins. These can be obtained after reaching certain amounts of wins.
  • Shop with crowns: Crowns are the in-game currency that can be earned after winning plays, excessive amounts of time played, or even actual purchases. With crowns you can obtain a large number of exclusive outfits.
  • Achievements: During your games in Fall Guys, you can achieve different achievements, once you achieve one you can get a special outfit as a reward.
  • tricks to win

    In addition to the costumes, here we will show you several tricks so that you can achieve victories to win the precious costumes:

    • Don’t worry about placing first. Remember that if you do not win but you are in the top three you will have a reward.
    • Use the objects. Some games will have special items that give you advantages, such as the ability to outrun others or bug the terrain.
    • Take advantage of the bugs. The game has several bugs that will be exploited to gain ground in some games.
    • Don’t get stuck. Some of the challenges even become easy if you decide to change zones, so you won’t have as many enemies playing at the same time.
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    Now that you know how to unlock the costumes and how to win, you can make use of these strategies to stand out from the other players. Good luck!

    How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

    Join the game!

    Fall Guys is an online platform and racing game developed by Mediatonic. It is the most popular game at the moment with thousands of players from all over the world entering every day to compete for the title of being the last player standing. If you love platform games, you should definitely check out Fall Guys. Also, it’s quite fun to unlock costumes for your character. Check out the cheats below to get some outfits!

    How to unlock costumes for your character in Fall Guys

    Cheats to Unlock Suits

    • Buy Outfits directly from the Shop: If you have enough Fall Guys currency, you can buy an outfit directly from the in-game store. There are hundreds of costumes to choose from, from animal costumes to angel costumes.
    • Earn achievements: Some costumes are available only when a specific achievement is earned. For example, the chicken outfit is unlocked by earning the eat 5 eggs achievement in one game.
    • Earn levels: Some costumes are available only after reaching a certain level. For example, the rabbit outfit is unlocked upon reaching level 10.
    • Competing in tournaments: Some costumes are only available when you win in a tournament. For example, the Ghost Hunter Outfit is unlocked by winning a Ghost Tournament.
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    There are hundreds of outfits available in Fall Guys, so there’s no excuse not to unlock some. And remember, if you don’t have enough money to buy the costumes, you can try to get them by earning them or reaching certain levels and achievements. Good luck on your search!

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