How to Unlock Hidden Objects in Fall Guys


Do you want to know how to get the hidden objects of Fall Guys? In this article we will show you all the tips and tricks to get those desired objects.

How to Unlock Hidden Objects in Fall Guys

Tips to unlock the hidden objects

Fall Guys players can unlock hidden items through the lucky shop. The content in the store changes every season, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new. Below are the following tips and tricks to unlock hidden objects:

  • Play lots of Fall Guys matches to earn Kudos, the in-game currency. This currency can be exchanged for items in the Lucky Shop when it opens each season.
  • Take part in the tournaments offered by the game to earn additional coins.
  • Enter the game’s official Twitter links or YouTube channels to unlock hidden objects. For this you must accept any promotional code that is offered.
  • Use your lucky prizes to unlock the hidden objects. These include armor, stricts, and suits.
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Fall Guys Hidden Object Examples

Some of the hidden items you can unlock in Fall Guys include:

  • theme costumes
  • exclusive decals
  • fun accessories
  • funny sweaters
  • exclusive in-game items
  • special bonuses

final advice

Remember that the tips and tricks to unlock hidden objects in Fall Guys are different for each season. So, make sure you stay tuned for upcoming changes and updates to the store so you don’t miss out on unlocking items. Good luck!

How to Unlock Hidden Objects in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is an online game that has become quite a phenomenon since it hit the market in mid-2020. This fun adventure offers different fun mini-games to play, improve your skill and unlock hidden objects. If you want to unlock hidden objects in Fall Guys, then follow the tips and tricks below.

Tips to unlock hidden objects in Fall Guys:

  • Take advantage of community reviews: Many Fall Guys community reviews explain how to unlock hidden items. Check it out for tips and tricks to help you unlock hidden objects.
  • Practice challenges: Challenges offer a chance to win diamonds. These diamonds translate into hidden items that unlock the adventure. Therefore, practicing the challenges is the best way to unlock hidden objects.
  • Complete specific tasks: Completing missions also guarantees the unlocking of hidden objects, as well as the resources necessary for the adventure. Pay attention to the quest details to find out the hidden items unlockable upon completion.
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Examples of unlockable hidden objects in Fall Guys:

  • Suits: The costumes offer a wide variety of characters to choose from. They are unlocked by completing specific tasks and outfits that can be customized with. The costumes range from the funny to the terrifying.
  • prints: Stamps are trophies earned by completing tasks. These prizes accumulate to unlock bonus items, such as hidden items, challenges and more. These prints are continually updated.
  • Inventory: The inventory changes with each new game. These items are varied and allow the player to unlock huge hidden items. These items include resources, coins, and weapons.

Fall Guys is a great example of how hidden objects can be obtained by completing tasks. If you want to unlock hidden objects in Fall Guys, make the most of the tips and tricks above.

How to Unlock Hidden Objects in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a fun free-for-all multiplayer platform game that is revolutionizing the gaming world since 2020. This game includes different stages and hidden objects that can be unlocked with some tricks and secrets. If you want to complete your game 100%, you need to know how to unlock hidden items in Fall Guys.

Cheats to unlock hidden objects

  • take the diamond: the diamond is a hidden object found in the last stage of the game. You need to keep it in your inventory and complete the game. This will unlock the item.
  • Complete the stage before the time limit– Some hidden items can be unlocked if you complete the stage before the time limit is up.
  • explore the stage: Explore the scenarios to find hidden objects. If you find one, you can pick it up to add it to your inventory.
  • play with friends: Playing with other players can be helpful in finding hidden objects. In addition, you can also help each other to unlock them.
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Hidden Object Examples

  • Gold Monkeys: These gold monkeys are the rarest in the game. These are pretty hard to find, but if you do get them, you’re in for a big prize.
  • Prize Coupons: These coupons are hidden objects found in the last stage. If you collect them, you can exchange them for amazing prizes.
  • Mountaineering Pants – These hidden objects are a fun way to customize your character. They are available in several different colors.
  • Fun Hats – There are a wide variety of fun hats available to unlock. These are a fun way to customize your character.

If you want to get 100% of the game, you need to unlock all the hidden objects. Follow the above cheats and secrets to unlock Fall Guys hidden objects and complete your game!

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