How to unlock MASON in Black Ops 4. Call of duty: Black Ops 4 has received several updates and had some major improvements to the Battle Royale: Blackout mode. Zombies have been introduced to Blackout’s Nuketown Island and several new playable characters have been introduced for players to aim for – and succeed in – unlocking. Let’s see how to do it with one of the most interesting characters.

Here we give you more tips about the game.

How to unlock MASON in Black Ops 4 step by step

Unfortunately, unlocking Mason in Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode is no easy feat, and he’s one of the hardest characters to get. This is because the players, first, They must get Reznov before Mason.

After Reznov is unlocked, he has to be chosen as a character and played online. Also, they have to find a stained white T-shirt of Mason’s. You will see them scattered in the supply boxes. If the shirt is obtained, the next step is “wake up the sleeping agent “, which causes the bewilderment of some players.

To start the sleeper agent mission in Black Ops 4, players need to travel to Array. A flashing green light will be visible in the center of the Array map, and must be interacted with by holding the X or Square button (depending on the chosen platform).

To unlock Mason in Blackout 4 battle royale mode, it will be different if you are in Solo, Duo and Quad stage. In single player mode, you will have to be in first or second position at the end of the game. Duos teams will need to be in the top two at the end of the tournament to earn points. The teams of four will have to fight and get the tournament title, which is not easy.

Although this is the case for now, we are sure that in the end, Call of Duty will end up unlocking Mason. So if you can’t, just be patient.