How to unlock Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters? This video game was first released on the market at the end of 2018, since then this version of the saga has become one of the most wanted and played by fans of this series of video games.

in this version all characters can be found that at some point appeared in the saga and others that make their appearance for the first time, some of these characters were requested by the fans and gamers themselves, so they can enjoy Pichu, Snake and Wolf, they are already part of the game.

The characters and the blocks

The variety of characters found in this version of the game exceeds 70 fighters, however, you will not be able to access them from the beginning, you have to unlock them as you progress through the game. At the beginning you will only have available to the usual 8 players at the beginning of each game. Next, we will show you how to unlock them.

the easiest way

The easiest way to unlock the characters of this video game is the most obviousEvery time you meet a fighter they will challenge you to fight and of course win the fight. Once the challenge has been defeated, a new character or fighter will be unlocked.

versus mode

To be able to unlock in this mode you should do the usualyou start a game of the video game, once you finish the fight, if you win you can unlock the next fighter, the trick is to cheat the timer with the game.

This counter does not allow you to carry out another fight until after 10 minutes, what you must do is restart the gamewhen you start the new game of the Versus mode you will not have to wait for the next challenge, since another fighter will appear and by winning the fight you will be able to unlock him.

You will also have the option of lower game settingsso that the combat is even shorter, since the resistance of your opponents will be less.

The Hake Towers

One of the things that should not be forgotten when making progress and unlocking in the video game is that the more fighters you unlock it is more difficult to find the next character, you will have to walk longer distances than the previous one and the next opponents will be more difficult to defeat.

In this case, what you should do to save time is use the map to have a more complete visualization of the Splatoon 2 Hake Towers scenario, just like the previous method, what you should do after each combat is close the game and restart it. to open, this way you save waiting time and the search one.

classical methods

the classic way It is one of the healthiest ways to unlock characters, in this way you will be able to unlock in an orderly manner and you will have the alternative of testing your combat skills.