How to Unlock Octopath Traveler Final Dungeon: You may not know that there is one last dungeon in Octopath Traveler after the end credits. Well, well: you already know. The raison d’être of SamaGame is to discover all the secrets, so in this post we will tell you how to discover it. But don’t worry, we won’t do spoilers.

Octopath Traveler’s Last Dungeon

Once all the Octopath Traveler credits run, you will still have one hidden dungeon to find for complete the game. This is a fairly important dungeon, that’s why we provide you with this little guide so that you don’t miss out on enjoying this game to the full. It would be a real shame after spending so many hours on it, right?

Although we are not going to reveal anything important to you about the plot of this Nintendo Switch game, you may not want to know anything else and take on this challenge on your own without the need for us to help you. No problem. You are in time to go back and read other entries. But we advise you to remember the existence of this article in case you need help when you have given up. bookmark this page before finishing the game and go to her when you feel lost.

How to find the last dungeon in Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is made up of eight stories starring eight characters different. Although you can follow each of them independently, they all have their beginning, their middle, and their end, just like in any traditional narrative. Similarly, each character traverses her own dramatic arcs with their respective conclusive resolutions. This proves the classic nature of Octopath Traveler when it comes to tackling how to tell stories. If you are attentive during the development of the game, you will perceive quite a few common events in its different threads and, it is possible, that you will wonder if those small edges have an important function when it comes to enriching and completing a much more ambitious story. If so, you are correct.

However, once you have completed all eight stories in this magnificent game, you will not find clues whether or not your intuition was correct. And it is that you will have to look for and overcome two bonus side quests to be able to comprehend everything and finish the game completely. Only after you have completed these two quests will you discover this last dungeon filled with tough bosses Beat it and you’ll learn some juicy new information about Octopath Traveler’s setting and story. If you want to discover it, follow the following…

Steps to find the last dungeon in Octopath Traveler

Follow our advice and you will achieve the goal:

1. Finish all the stories

Well, it’s pretty obvious: if you want to discover all the secrets of this game you will have to finish all its stories. You will know you have achieved it when there are no character icons left on the map.

2. Find Lyblac

It is not a difficult achievement to achieve. Make your way to the city of Bolderfall, and once there, make your way to Ravus’ Manor. You will find Alphas, a guard against whom you will have to face as Olberic or H’aanit to finish the first part of the mission. Then look for Alphas again. You will find him depressed and writing poems in Saintsbridge. Use Alfyn’s or Cyrus’ path actions to memorize their poetry. This will give the sad guard some hope, especially after you promise to pass it on to a lady named Flora for whom he drinks the winds from her. She will be at Saintsbridge Cathedral.

3. Find Kit

Kit is one of the first non-controlling characters you’ll come across in this game. He is a naive blonde guy who you will meet after leaving the first town. He will ask you for a healing grape. Don’t be stingy and give it to him.

Later you will need to locate it in the city of Noblecourt. One screen to the right, you will see the NPC “Aspiring Actor”. You will solve the first part of this quest by providing that NPC to Kit controlling either Ophilia or Primrose. Afterwards, head to Grandport. Near the inn and item shops, you’ll come across a traveling trader offering rare gems and gadgets. Use Therion or Tressa to get the lapis lazuli you have in your possession and take it to Kit on the Moonstruck coast

Finally, find the Entrepreneur on West S’warki Trail. you will face a mini-boss whom you can easily defeat and thus unlock the final hidden dungeon: Hornburg Ruins. You can fast travel there using the world map.

But first, make sure you are well equipped: you will have a really hard challenge. And it is that you are going to have to fight against the darker and more powerful versions of the final eight bosses without even being able to make a save or leave the area to acquire items you might need.

As you defeat each of the bosses, you will discover a text balloon full of very interesting information about the role of that villain in the Octopath Traveler mythology. There are many unexpected connections between various bosses in the story. This dungeon will reveal to you who hides behind of his Machiavellian actions.

Octopath Traveler is a game with a richly nuanced story, supported by eight very different stories. the ultimate discovery It’s not an epic plot twist that ends up bringing all eight characters together and it doesn’t change the essence of the game either. Nor does it reveal what makes Ophilia, the cleric, decide to help a thief like Therion loot the mansions of the rich.

The final great mystery is one last amazing thing that you shouldn’t miss if you’ve spent so many hours playing Octopath Traveler. Something that SamaGame had to explain to you. Does it make sense to pass this wonderful Switch game and not find out about something so amazing? right not?