How to unsubscribe from Uber? When the user decides to disenroll from the service of Uber it is necessary that you do it from your own account created at the time of the registration or affiliation procedure. For this reason, it is up to us in this article to develop the techniques to unsubscribe from the company. If you like to know how to achieve it, continue reading and learn more about it.

How to unsubscribe from Uber?

What is Uber?

First we must enlighten the readers about the technology company Uber. In this sense, it offers a service to users who carry vehicles, through which they can provide quality work and speed to people who need to travel to certain places in the area where they are. For these cases, a personal account is created. affiliate directly with the company.

What is the goal of the company Uber?

The company at all times it is at the service for people who need a fast service from one place to another and for which it is based on a technological App through which affiliates achieve contact passengers on time to take them in real time to their destinations. In the same way, a service is provided so that people can order food cheaply and in a short time.

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Other services offered by Uber

This company truly provides various services which are usually of great advantage to those who request them. Lately, the company is in the process of expanding the income for medical care, which we think is a really important and interesting service, in the same way it is working in the solution area for Freight transport heavy as removals, among others.

Unsubscribe from Uber

Perhaps we have mentioned many of the advantages that the company offers its customers, however some affiliates may not want to continue with the employment relationship and will look for a way to drop out in the same. In these cases, some steps must be followed to achieve this, we will see the procedure below.

Steps to unsubscribe from the company Uber

Below we proceed to mention some of the parameters necessary for the disaffiliation of the company Uber, by the affiliates participants in it. As an initial step, it is necessary for the affiliate to carry out the account deletion procedure. In this sense, the following must be done:

  • To delete the account it is necessary to Login to the Uber Appthen we touch on the menu area that is located in the upper left area.
  • Next we choose the “settings” section and then “privacy settings”.
  • Immediately click on the option “Delete account”.
  • What remains is to continue with the steps that will appear in the App and in this way we will have completed the process.
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Can I get back into Uber if I deleted my account?

The deletion of the account once you have requested or made it, will give a period of up to 30 days for its final removal. This means that if you decline the process within this period of time, you will be able to become a member of the company again, but after that time, there will be no possibility of re-entry.

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