How to Update Data in Social Security.

Update data in Social Security

Social Security is the system through which people make sure they receive the benefits of health insurance, pensions and social assistance. For this, it is necessary to keep personal and professional data always updated. Below we explain how to update the data in Social Security:

Update personal data

  • Documents: If you have lost, misplaced or updated a supporting document (ID, passport, health card, driving license, etc.), it is important to notify Social Security so that they can modify your file.
  • Main data: If you have updated your address, phone, email or any other personal information, you also have to notify Social Security.

Update professional data

  • Job change: If you have changed jobs, it is essential that you notify Social Security to change the data. These data are especially important for the calculation of pensions and the calculation of working days.
  • sick leave: If you are in a special employment situation (temporary, unemployment, leave of absence…) it is also important to notify Social Security.

Data update forms

It is important to remember that to carry out these updates, you must fill in the corresponding form and do not forget to provide the necessary documents or supporting documents, such as the contract and/or payslip, supporting documents, etc.

How to Update Data in Social Security

For more information, workers can contact the Social Security Citizen Service, where they will help you update your information correctly in order to have access to all the benefits and rights.

How to update the data in Social Security online?

To modify your data with means of identification, the first thing you must do is access the Social Security Electronic Office in the “Citizens” section and then click on “Affiliation, registration and modifications”. You can go directly by clicking here.

How to Update Data in Social Security

Once inside, click on “Login” to identify yourself with , Digital certificate or Personal data (DNI or NIE). It is important to note that to access with It must be previously created. If you haven’t created it yet, you can register by clicking here. Then, you will click on “Access the registration form”, selecting the corresponding type of registration. That is, “Data modification”.

In this section you can update the main data registered with Social Security such as name, personal data, address, vehicles, family members, income, etc. Then, just click on accept the conditions and include the requested data. Once done, click on “send” to close the modification. Finally, print the A10 model, review it in detail and present it to the nearest Social Security Treasury.

How to Update Data in Social Security

How to change from NIE to DNI in Social Security?

This procedure can only be carried out through SamaGametronic headquarters if the user has digital identification. In the case of not having it, you must make an appointment with the Social Security and go to the offices with the NIE, the new DNI and the certificate of concordance to process the management. It is necessary to present the original documents to make the change. The management is completed in 24 hours.

How to make an appointment at Social Security to change data?

You can request an appointment online from the Tu Seguridad Social portal (if you have a digital certificate or ) and through the Social Security website and SamaGametronic Office, by clicking on this link where you can request your appointment whether you have prior identification methods or not.

How to Update Data in Social Security

Always from the Your Social Security portal, you can also request an appointment through Your Telephone.

Remember that, if you choose to go to one of our offices, you can obtain face-to-face advice to resolve your doubts and/or process any procedure.

How to know if your data is updated in Social Security?

The first thing you have to do is enter the website of the Social Security Electronic Office, which is Once inside, you have to enter the Reports and Certificates section that appears when you click on the Citizens tab.

How to Update Data in Social Security

Here you will have to identify yourself with your electronic ID or your digital certificate that you have assigned. Once you have selected the desired option in the Social Security Registration and/or Deregistration Certificate section, you will receive a response with the updated data.