How to update DualSense from PC. PC gamers who use DualSense in their games they no longer need a Playstation 5 to keep the controls up to date with all the features. After an update released in April 2022, it was possible update DualSense via Windows PC.

The process of DualSense upgrade is easydoes not require many resources and can be done in most computers that use Windows 10 in its 64-bit version or Windows 11.

From trick library we explain step by step how to execute the procedure.

How to update DualSense from PC step by step

  • Download the firmware: go to PlayStation official website and click the button “Download/Transfer” to download the DualSense firmware to your preferred folder on your PC. If you have the program installed, you can go directly to the next step.
  • Configure the program: After downloading, launch the program and click on “Following”. Check the option “Fix” to make the necessary updates. It is also possible to use the field “Modify” to do a custom installation, however, we will continue with the simpler route. After this step, just complete the installation and check the box “Start the program”. At this point, a message will appear asking you to connect the controller.
  • Connect DualSense to PC: plug the DualSense into a USB port on your computer to install and follow the instructions. If your driver does not have previous updates, you will need to perform an additional download at this step. However, simply follow the instructions of the program.
  • Finish the process: at the end of the process, mark “Okay”. You will see a screen confirming that the driver has been updated and the firmware version number has been installed.
  • Important: Please do not turn off the computer or remove the USB cable from the controller during the update procedure to avoid possible errors and damage.

    now that you know how to update DualSense from your PCthere is a warning that sYou can only update one driver at a timeeven if you have other controllers connected to other USB ports on your computer.