Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook Creator Studio is a platform for manage content from both the social network and Instagram. Thanks to this application, it is possible schedule posts and reply to users without leaving the page, facilitating the work for those who are on social networks.

With the tool it is also possible evaluate numbers, in addition to doing A/B tests, to verify what type of content and media give your page the most results.

From trick library we explain carefully how to use facebook creator studio Step by Step.

How to use Facebook Creator Studio step by step

  • By accessing Creator Studio, tap the icon in the top corner on your screen to create a post. If you are using the web version, you can select if it will be for Facebook or Instagram. In the case of the application, you can only do it for Facebook, for that, just select the image from your device that you want to upload, enter the text of your post and click on “Following”.
  • If you want to schedule, click “Publishing Options” to continue.
  • Select the date and when you come back you will see that your publication will already be scheduled.
  • In the toolbar on the left from the screen, you can see the performance of each publicationlikes, comments, and shares by tapping the second icon from left to right.
  • He middle icon (Insights) contains the statistics of your page. Also, you can see the complete performance and how it is performing with the posts that are created.
  • In the penultimate symbol you access the messages sent to your page. The desktop version allows you to reply to Instagram messages as well.
  • In the part of notificationsFacebook you notifies of each change made to your pagesuch as scheduled publications that have been uploaded to the network, among others.
  • That’s all! Now you know a little about the Facebook Creator Studio tool so you can manage your pages. We hope this short guide has been useful to you. If you liked it and want to know how to invite people to Facebook pages, keep reading!

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