Google Meet video calls are the order of the day: they not only allow communicate with a large number of people at onceThey also offer sufficient audio and video quality. And they have a very curious option: the miniature grid or “grid view”. Do you want to have it on your mobile? There is a way.

Making a group video call can be an adventure when more than six people meet online. These communications have become so popular that you are sure to attend several each week. And you might have tried Google Meet, the professional video conferencing system. This system has a browser extension which allows grid with thumbnails of all contacts participating in the video call, which is not available in the mobile app. But there is a way to activate it, we checked it out.

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Google Meet Grid View as a Chrome Extension

The tile grid is enabled with a Google Chrome extension, a small app for desktop devices. Google has not planned for the standard “grid view” on Meet, so you have to make a living to get this functionality. Mainly on Android since Google Chrome does not support extensions; Therefore, it is essential to download a web browser that supports them. For example, Kiwi (you can also use Yandex, for example).

First of all: you need to install the Kiwi browser on your Android mobile or tablet. It is a free application which provides a pleasant web browsing experience, it also has many functions; like being able to install plugins or extensions, that’s what interests us.

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Once you’ve installed the Kiwi browser on your Android, configure it to enable “grid view” in Google Meet:

  • Open the browser options (three dots in the upper right corner) and go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to ‘Website settings’ and enableDefault desktop mode“That way, you’ll open all pages in desktop mode (otherwise Google Meet will insist that you download the Hangouts app).

Google Meet Grid View

  • Open the Chrome extensions store in the Kiwi browser and find the one named “Google Meet Grid View”. Install and activate it: the whole process is done from the Kiwi browser, on your Android.

Google Meet Grid View

  • You are now ready to see the Google Meet grid with all the participants in the video call: enter a meeting and you will see the “grid view” icon appear at the top right.
  • Choose the options that seem most important to you, especially the ” Activate the default grid‘: This will activate the default grid every time you enter a video call.
  • If you want to turn off grid view, uncheck the “grid view” options in Google Meet.
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While the process works and video calls can be made from the mobile without any major complications, it’s not that seeing all the participants in a grid is the most comfortable way to enjoy the video call. But it can be useful if you have a Google Chromecast or some other way to project the phone image to the TV: you can video call your contacts with the grid and on the large TV screen, for example. Support the mobile so that the front camera can focus on you and fully enjoy the video call.

Source: Frandroid

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