How to use Google Translate on WhatsApp. You can use Google Translate in WhatsApp to translate messages written in other languages. Simply install the application and you will not need to close WhatsApp, since it is accessed through the function of copy and paste.

How to use Google Translate on WhatsApp

There is also a way to use google translate on whatsapp when changing the app keyboard to Gboard. In the following tutorial, we show you how to configure the Google Translate application to use Google Translate in WhatsApp. The tips apply to Android phones and iPhone (iOS).

How to set up and use Google Translate on WhatsApp

Before use Google Translate on WhatsAppthe first thing you should do is download the app on your smartphone and enable a option to instantly translate incoming or outgoing messages.

to configure Google Translate, follow the steps below. This procedure is only available on Android:

  • Download the app Google Translate on your phone.
  • Open Google Translate on mobile.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner and go to «Setting«.
  • Enter in «tap to translate«.
  • Mark the keys «Use Touch to translate” and “show floating icon«.
  • If required, enable system permissions.
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    With Google translate configured, now we are going to use the translation function in WhatsApp. To do this, follow the instructions in the tutorial:

  • open whatsapp on mobile and enter a conversation.
  • Enter text or select a message in another language.
  • Touch «Copy» and go to the Google Translate icon.
  • Paste the message in the Google Translate field and select source and target languages.
  • See the message translated into the default language of the mobile.
  • If desired, type a response directly into the translator and tap “new translation«. then just copy and paste the translated message into the conversation.
  • How to use Google Translate in WhatsApp through Gboard

    The second alternative to using Google Translate in WhatsApp is enable Google Gboard keyboard as default mobile keyboard. Follow the tutorial below for Android and iPhone:

  • Download the app Gboard on your phone.
  • Open a WhatsApp conversation and touch the field of message writing.
  • At the top of the keyboard, tap the Google Translate icon.
  • Select the languages ​​of source and destination to translate.
  • Write or paste the message. Gboard will display translation options as you type.
  • touch “Translate”.
  • Send the translated text to your contact on WhatsApp.
  • Ready. In addition to use google translate on whatsappthe two tutorials in this article are valid for any other application that has a built-in keyboard or that allows copy and paste content sent to clipboard.

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    If you now want to learn how to use Google translate to learn English, keep reading!

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