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How to use SSD caching technology. Today you can use a cached SSD (64GB max) to speed up a regular Sata II Sata III hard drive,

This can increase the performance of large capacity drives.

How to use SSD caching technology to increase performance

The materials you will need are the following:


You need an SSD with a capacity of 64 GB. It’s useless to get a bigger one, because the remaining space won’t go as fast as an SSD. Throughput of about 250m/s for an SSD with a base speed of 550m/s.


Prefer a large capacity drive like 2nd. SSD drives have lower capacities, 256 Go, 512 Go to the latest can be an advantage.


Must have SSD caching technology (Asus and MSI).


Depends on motherboard and SSD technology

Intel Smart Response (Accelerate Intel Smart Response Technology).

Step by Step

  • Connect the two hard drives

Attention: it must be connected to the same controller, for example marvel or intel…

  • cache settings

The default option “Enhanced” is less efficient but more secure than “maximized” (risk of data loss). The Intel driver allows you to switch from one to the other in real time.

19Go Mini Cache.

Cache Max 64Go.

If you use an SSD larger than 64 Go, the rest of the partition will be fragmented, and the performance is not the same as the SSD without enabling caching.

But keep in mind, however, that the rates are higher at 128 Go than at 64 Go (almost double). But since the remaining 64Go will be at 250mo/s, for example, instead of 550mo/s, it makes many people prefer to enjoy full SSD speed for faster HDD space profiles.

How to use SSD caching technology. More info:

HDD streaming

On a 2A HDD going up to 140mo/s or so, the SSD caching on the Marvell controller will hit 250mo/s, knowing that the SSD goes up to 550mo/s alone!

SSD Cache Space Remaining Performance

Much lower than that of SSD.



It allows you to speed up storage disk larger than that of an SSD.


  • Depending on drivers and SSD, performance can be mediocre.
  • It is not very interesting to put in Windows, in this case using SSD normally with its original rate that is higher. For a read, 550mo/s SSD will have 250mo/s cached.
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