How to use the adaptive vibration function of the DualSense controller?

Sony’s DualSense is the next-generation controller for the PlayStation 5 console, and it comes with an amazing feature called adaptive vibration. This feature offers realistic and personalized vibrations for the player, depending on the environment they are in. Therefore, the DualSense can be a fundamental tool for immersion in games.

Advantages of adaptive vibration

Adaptive vibration offers certain advantages to the DualSense user:

  • Realism: Vibration adapts to the game situation for a more realistic experience.
  • Personalization: The vibration of the DualSense can be customized to suit the player’s tastes and preferences.
  • Improve the experience: With continuous vibration on the controller, the player can better feel every event in the game.

Tips for using the adaptive vibration of the DualSense

  • Activate the Bluetooth connection to connect your DualSense controller to your PlayStation 5.
  • Turn on adaptive vibration in the settings menu of your PlayStation 5.
  • Adjust the intensity to get the right vibration experience.
  • turn on control in order to enjoy the adaptive vibration.

Example: When you are in a shooting game and your character gets hit, the controller will vibrate with a slight intensity, but if your character falls on the ground, the controller is able to vibrate more intensely, to give you a realistic experience.

Sony’s DualSense controller is the next generation controller that offers amazing experiences for gamers. With the adaptive vibration feature, gamers can enjoy immersive gaming with realistic and customizable vibrations. Enjoy playing with your DualSense!

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