Using the remote play function with the DualSense controller

The PlayStation®5 console includes DualSense, the new advanced wireless controller. This allows players to take advantage of the new remote play feature that connects the DualSense with the console to read the player’s location in the game, as well as control the main characters.

How to use the remote play function with the DualSense controller?

Instructions for connecting the DualSense controller

1. Turn on the PlayStation® 5 console and connect the DualSense controller to the console with a USB cable.

2. If you haven’t assigned the controller to the user, use the ‘Assign Controller’ option in console settings to securely connect the controller.

3. On the console’s main screen, select the title you want to play in remote play.

Tricks to use the remote play function with the DualSense

share titles

The PlayStation®5 remote gaming platform allows you to share titles with other users online, so they can enjoy playing the same game from different devices.

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“Create” button to save games

By pressing the “Create” button on the DualSense controller, you will save the last save of your game. This way, if there are any issues, you can pick up the game without having to start over.

Make use of wireless sensors

The DualSense controller features wireless sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, LED light spot, and microphone that enhance your gaming experience by controlling in-game lighting, detecting movement of objects on the screen, and more.

Other functions of the DualSense controller

  • Vibration control: HD vibration helps you feel the game action to hit react instantly.
  • Audio control: The DualSense controller features adaptive sound control that allows you to adjust the game’s volume as needed.
  • Player Two Mode: The DualSense controller has two buttons for two player mode.


The PlayStation®5’s DualSense controller remote play feature is an exciting new way to play the game, allowing gamers to share gameplay with other users or use the controller’s sensory details to enhance the gaming experience. So give it a try and enjoy remote play with your PlayStation®5 console and DualSense controller!

How to use the remote play function with the DualSense controller?

Using the remote play function with the DualSense controller

With the release of PlayStation 5, the Dualsense controller has caught the eyes of many gamers. One of its main features is the remote play function, which is ideal for enjoying the gaming experience remotely.

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Cheats for the remote game function with the DualSense controller

1. Initial setup: First, connect your DualSense to the PlayStation 5 using the shared USB cable. If you are using a PlayStation 4 console, you must connect the Sony USB Wireless Adapter controller to your PlayStation 5 to use the DualSense controller.

2. Remote mode setting: To set up remote mode, go to Settings – Remote Play and select the “Allow Remote Play” option. A screen will appear with information that you must read and accept to enable the remote function.

3. Open the game: Once remote mode is set up, you can open a compatible PlayStation 5 game from any device connected to your Wi-Fi network. The DualSense must be connected to your PlayStation 5 while playing the game.

4. Enjoy the remote experience: Some games support remote play and will allow you to enjoy the full gaming experience from anywhere. This means that you can use your DualSense to enjoy games anywhere as long as you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Advantages of using the remote control with the DualSense

  • The DualSense’s Haptic gyro motion buttons adapt to the way you interact with your game to give you true realism.
  • Haptic touch brings the game to life so you can feel the action as if you were actually in the game.
  • Adaptive Audio enhances your gaming experience with immersive sound that adjusts to your level of gameplay.
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In conclusion, the PlayStation 5 DualSense remote play feature is a unique feature that allows you to play from anywhere. With DualSense, the gaming experience feels as real as possible, like you’re actually in the game.

How to use the remote play function with the DualSense controller?

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