if you’re looking for how to use tiktok, then you have come to the right article because we will explain it to you step by step, so that you can enjoy this social network that everyone is talking about. So let’s not waste any more time, it will be fun!

How to use tiktok?

The Tik Tok app has become an impressive social network since its creation in 2016 by the Chinese company Byte Dance. It has reached an impressive 2 billion downloads in the Play Store (Google’s online store).

That’s why we all want to have an account there and learn how to use tik tok app and find out what all this is about that causes so much emotion in people. Here we explain everything you need to not be left out of this incredible technological project.

Tik Tok is an application for music videos that can be short or long, but with a maximum duration of 1 minute. It offers a variety of features so you can create, edit, and publish these videos however you like.

Steps to know how to use the tik tok app?

You must take into account the following steps so that you know how to use tik tok app and you can enjoy in a few minutes this new platform that is already a worldwide boom:

Download the app on your mobile

Tiktok is available on Google’s online store, via smartphones: (iOS and Android), so find it and download it in just a few minutes.

Create your account and enjoy how to use tik tok

Once it is already installed on your mobile device, you must enter the platform and create your account with a username and password. When you have done all the steps indicated, log in and you will be inside the social network.

What Tik Tok Gives You

If you are already within the Tiktok platform, you will be able to see the main page with different videos from various users, who have stood out for being a trend within the app. Either because they are recent, a trend for being quality content or because of the number of likes that their videos have received.

It offers you a browser in which you can search using hashtags, the name of the user you want, and even the name of the video you want to see.

Personalize your profile

You must go to your user account, click on: edit profile. You can place a username, the photo of your choice or a short video with a maximum duration of 6 seconds.

create content

The Tiktok app works with short duration music videos (no more than 60 seconds). Although it sounds short, you can do a lot to make your videos eye-catching. Therefore, it provides you with many functions that you can use, here we explain it to you:

  • A “+” sign will appear at the bottom of your account, you must click there.
  • You will find a button that will direct you to the camera.
  • You proceed to record a video, and choose to stop recording whenever you want.
  • On the right side there will be several options with audio: (so you can imitate voices), music: (to harmonize the video, make a joke, and even sing), (filters: (you choose the one you prefer), and sleep timer. the camera: (ideal so that you can place yourself in a better position before starting the recording).
  • You will also be able to enjoy different recording modes: fast, slow, lapse and more.
  • If you have a tripod you will be able to make better use of this app, including dance steps, jumps or whatever you want.

Interact and learn how to use tik tok

If you want to see the content that is trending or simply the one that catches the attention of someone in particular, you just have to click on the video and it automatically expands in full screen mode.

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You already know how to use tik tok app, now you will be able to give a like through the heart that is shown on the right side of each video. If you want to leave a comment you can do so in the section below.

As they are short videos, you will be able to see many in a short time and be up to date with the new trends that are positioned in this social network.

If you want to have a better vision of what you need to reach more people and become an influencer, then you should visit this article: digital influencers.

Save your videos on mobile

Learning how to use tik tok you will be able to use the option to save your videos. When you have finished publishing your music video, you will have a button at the top that says: “save”, click there and it will be archived in the gallery of your mobile phone.

Share with other social networks

In each of your videos, you can select the option to share with Facebook. You just have to click on the platform, log in when indicated and the publication will be updated in the Facebook feed.

To share it with other social networks, you have the option to link other accounts with Tiktok, making it much easier to send your videos. It will appear to you in the same way as Facebook; Before publishing it, just click on the icon of the app of your choice (those that are linked), log in and it will automatically be published.

Features of tik tok

Tik Tok merged in 2017 with another social network called Musical.ly; very popular among the youth of the United States. The Byte Dance company bought it, coming to pay 1,000 million dollars for it and using its database.

The Asian company managed to link both apps, mixing all the functions that are available and maintaining the name that was already a boom in the international market: Tik Tok. Building on Musical.ly’s existing user base, it expanded the interface to reach more people around the world.

How to use tik tok: effects?

The platform makes use of artificial intelligence to personalize the content offered to each user, highlighting their preferences and interests. With this mechanism, it also seeks as an objective that the contents of other users appear as suggestions in people’s accounts, even if they have not followed them.

Through this method, Tiktok wants to connect more users and make viral content known, position trends and keep entertainment on the platform.