We are seeing a resurgence in video calling due to the current pandemic situation, and although measures are gradually being relaxed, trips to see family members may still take some time to arrive. However, making video calls from a device like iPhone can be a problem, especially if there are many of us, you will see them all very small.

That’s why today we have brought you a guide with everything you need so that you can see the video call you make on your TV. from an iPhone, iPad or Mac, or any other Windows or Android device. You will need accessories because TVs don’t have a camera or apps like that, but it won’t cost you a lot of money.

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Everything you need to watch TV video calls

The normal thing is that to make a video call we will be using our smartphone or tablet, an iPhone or an iPad. And to connect them to the TV, we have different options, some cheaper and some more expensive, but all not only will we be able to make video calls from the TV, but much more. Here is what you need:

Support for your device

If you are going to use an iPhone or an Android smartphone or an iPad as a camera, you must have a suitable holder that allows you place your device at an appropriate distance, safely and in various positions. We have different options, although the most recommended is a small tripod that can be used for other functions.

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Buy a smartphone tripod | 8.49 euros

Buy an iPad stand | 14.99 euros

Send content by cable

Now that we have our device in the right position, we need to connect it to the TV to duplicate our screen and watch the video call in full size. The first option is via an HDMI cable, which you probably already have at home. So all you need is a Lightning to HDMI or USB-C to HDMI adapter, both are very affordable and quality options.

Buy a Lightning to HDMI Adapter | 16.99 euros

Buy a USB-C to HDMI Adapter | 16.99 euros

Send content wirelessly

The second option is to send the content wirelessly to your TV, without the need for a cable. If you have one TV compatible with AirPlay you can send the content directly from your iPhone or iPad and duplicate the screen on the TV, in the case of Android, you can also do this if your TV is compatible. Otherwise you have two options or one Amazon Fire TV, with applications, like AirServer, which allow you to duplicate the iPhone or an Apple TV, more expensive but with more options.

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Buy Apple TV | 159 euros

fire tv

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With these accessories you can easily connect your device to the TV and now all you have to do is connect it before making a video call, your iPhone or iPad screen will be mirrored on TV and you will be able to see your family or friends on a much bigger screen.

Source: Techradar