How will ROG PlayIT Plus be different?.

Night LAN parties, age-restricted games, professional presentations. We talked to the main organizer of ROG PlayIT Plus about the new series of events just starting.

As many of you probably know, this year PlayIT awaits Hungarian gamers with an even wider range of programs, as in addition to the location in Budapest, the event will also visit four large rural cities and Belgrade. But that’s not nearly all, as right after the Xbox One PlayIT Show, a brand new program, ROG PlayIT Plus, has also been added to the calendar, offering an exciting pastime for the more mature age group. We talked about this now with Gergely Csanda, the main organizer of the event.

SamaGame: Why did you decide you needed PlayIT Plus?
Gergely Csanda: There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, PlayIT is already 6 years old, and it is during this time that our first visitors grew up. On the other hand, the gaming market has transformed in recent years, with children starting to play at an increasingly young age. We don’t want to give up the older generation because of this, so we opted for PlayIT Plus.

How will ROG PlayIT Plus be different?

GS: Who is the target audience of the event?
CS.G .: Very important, the event is open to people over 18 years of age. We are looking for those who want to try out games for people over the age of 18 and experience it all with their own age group.

GS: Will the PlayIT Show program change due to the new event?
CS.G .: No. We handle the 2 events completely separately. PlayIT visitors will receive a multi-program event at a larger venue. PlayIT Plus awaits its visitors in a smaller area with well-thought-out programs and specialties.

How will ROG PlayIT Plus be different?

GS: Will there be PlayIT Plus after all the 2017 PlayIT Shows?
CS.G .: No. Unfortunately, our location in Szeged is not suitable for it. In addition, every PlayIT will have PlayIT Plus, but it also depends a lot on your needs. If we feel that the demand is not so great after Győr and Budapest, we can transform the concept.

GS: What programs can those who buy a ticket to PlayIT Plus expect?
CS.G .: Everything on the gaming and IT line today can be interesting. Night lan parties, esport, modding, professional performances, standup comedy, VR, PEGI 18 games, and more.

How will ROG PlayIT Plus be different?

GS: If we’re already here, will there be different ticket types here than at the PlayIT Show?
CS.G .: We have two types of tickets, one Normal and one Legendary. The Legendary ticket is practically equivalent to the PlayIT Collector’s ticket. Ticket information is now available on the PlayIT Plus website.

GS: Are the two events completely independent of each other, or can those who exchange tickets for both stay on site throughout?
CS.G .: Completely independent. We have a 2 hour transition between the two events, so we have to vacate the venues by this time. At the same time, we think those who bought tickets to both events will have a section where they can wait for PlayIT Plus to open.

How will ROG PlayIT Plus be different?

ROG PlayIT Plus Győr

Date: March 11, 2017, 8: 00-02: 00 p.m.
Location: ETO Park, 9027 Győr, Nagysándor József u. 31.
Facebook event: Sign up here!
Facebook page: The official site of PlayIT Plus

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