What if your decisions were critical to your survival and the survival of everyone around you? Sounds a bit like real life, right? In the upcoming narrative turn-based RPG Ash of Gods, that’s exactly what it looks like. Each playthrough of the game can be a unique experience – because it’s your choices that affect how events unfold!

Today Aurum Dust is pleased to present you a new story trailer for the game, which shows how the once peaceful world of Terminum falls into chaos as the “Great Harvest” begins. This is the beginning of a story whose path you will pave – and whose ending you will write.

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In Ash of Gods, you become one of the few daredevils who band together to stop the scourge of darkness and death from ravaging their land. But beware, as it will require sacrifices – and tough choices, as you will have to decide who lives… or who dies. Will your story go the way you want it to?

Watch the new Ash of Gods Story Trailer:

Download Story Trailer: http://bit.ly/2EghwMt

“Imagine a fairy tale, a book or a movie where you not only follow the adventures of the characters, but open all their secret compartments, pull skeletons out of their closets and discover stories that should never see the light of day,” said Sergey Malitsky, writer of Ash of Gods. “Not only can you save heroes from taking unnecessary risks or committing undesirable acts, but your actions may well expose them to danger and terrifying twists of fate. It’s a game you play, but it’s also a game you live by – you have to understand that it’s your story, unfolding according to the rules of the real world. Which means that even if a happy ending is achievable, it’s not guaranteed.”

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Ash of Gods is a turn-based role-playing game with a constantly evolving narrative full of threats that have a real impact on the course of the game – and an extensive PvP online mode. The game has a plot based on the complex nature and ambiguity of moral choices, in which any of the characters can die. Momentary benefits can cost one of the heroes’ lives, and sacrificing someone will make the passage of subsequent episodes easier. Ash of Gods is a mix of beautiful art style, rich background music, tactical combat and a moving story told in the form of dialogue-based, multi-layered interaction.

Ash of Gods, developed and published by Aurum Dust, is scheduled for release in March 2018. For more information about Ash of Gods, please visit the game’s official website and follow Facebook and Twitter.