HP continues its commitment to virtual reality with headphones Reverb G2 new generation, fruit of a collaboration with Microsoft and Valve.

After months of speculation, HP has officially announced a new version of its Reverb VR.

The original reverb launched last year and is now priced below $ 400 and below the Valve index. Released in fall 2020, the G2 will go on sale for $ 599, $ 100 less than HTC’s latest offering, VIVE Cosmos.

Like the original, the G2 is aimed at the consumer market for those who need (or want) the power to run more rugged experiments than those who offer devices like Oculus Quest. The Reverb G2 has been designed to deliver a premium experience with an emphasis on comfort during long periods of use.

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« In collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, we have designed an uncompromising, immersive and comfortable headset compatible with Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR VR.” he said Spike huang, VP and Global Head of VR by HP.

In G2, HP fixed the main issues with the original, with the redesigned controller and tracking system.

The Reverb G2 retains the 2160 x 2160 per eye resolution of the original reverb, focusing the visual optimization in the new LCD panels. Add to that an assumed 114 ° field of view, and according to HP, you’ll get a 250% better viewing experience than the Oculus Rift S. In addition, HP ensures better audio immersion with new speakers.

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HP has included a face pad for more even weight distribution and an openable face shield, which can be adjusted back and forth 90 ° to allow users to easily switch between virtual reality and the real world.

The controllers have been redesigned to be smaller and more comfortable with a new button layout. The helmet also has four integrated cameras for internal-external surveillance.

In addition to integrating some of its hardware, Valve also partnered with HP to ensure that G2 was plug-and-play with SteamVR, in addition to Windows Mixed Reality.

« Giving customers another great option that includes Valve technology is good news for the VR communitySaid Valve engineer Jeremy Selan.

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The G2 will have an initial price of $ 599 and is officially available for pre-order in the United States. Pre-orders for other countries will be available in the coming months.

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Source: Forbes.

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