HTC Tattoo, the main differences with HTC Hero.

In the last two weeks I have found on successive occasions that people have asked me the same question, is the HTC Tattoo A good device? Is it worth it compared to Magic or Hero? I haven’t had the chance to test it, but looking at the specifications and first impressions of other media, you can try to get something clear.

HTC is the company with the most Android terminals on the market, they launched the business, and have been improving the line of phones with each new presentation, until we reached HTC Tattoowhich represents the brand’s first attempt at producing a relatively affordable Android phone.


HTC Tattoo, the main differences with HTC Hero

Let’s try to compare it with the latest, and for my best Android in our market, the HTC hero, in this way we can also review the phones a little and get to know them better. We start with the positive aspects what we found in the HTC Tattoo:

  • As expected, its starting price on the market is lower than that of the HTC Hero, a very important issue for those who do not want to spend more than one amount on this type of pot.
  • Tattoo comes from the factory with android 1.6 (Donut) while the Hero has version 1.5 until they decide to update to 2.0.
  • Both terminals have the interface HTC Sensewith a home screen with 7 pages.
  • Another detail that many will like is that has FM radionone of the previous Android terminals have this feature.
  • The screen is smaller, which determines a terminal of smaller dimensions, possibly the smallest Android on the marketan aspect that many would like to know.
  • Interesting to know that he has not lost the receiver gpsneither the accelerometer nor the compass.

Logically, as it is a lower-priced terminal, somewhere they will have cut To get it, let’s go with it:

HTC Tattoo, the main differences with HTC Hero
  • The touch screen is resistive and smaller that of the Hero, in addition the resolution is QVGA (240 × 320 pixels), so developers will have to fight with it to put the same information as in other sizes.
  • Has lost the trackball of other HTCreplaced by a four-way directional pad, I like less, and it takes up more space in the terminal.
  • The camera has the same megapixels as the one on the HTC Magic, 3.2, inferior to that of the Hero (5MP), but seen what we have seen, in practice there is not that much difference either, the problem is that the tattoo one does not have autofocus. None have Flash.

I have commented on details of the screen above because it seems to me to be a separate issue, since the fact that the Tattoo screen is resistive conditions the use of the mobile in some way, due to its characteristics cannot support multi-touch like capacitive ones in the other Android terminals HTC.

Also with the resistive screen you have to press on it to make it respond, and from what I’ve had occasion to read, sometimes it is necessary to use a stylus or pointer (not included) for better use. You can read an article I did about his screen.

HTC Tattoo, the main differences with HTC Hero

Another aspect that we comment on is the size of the screen, 2.8 inches and QVGA resolutionso the new applications must adapt to it, we will see what happens with the old ones, in addition to the logical loss of amount of information on the screen.

I think that with these data, and hoping to get hold of one to test it, we can have a more complete idea of ​​the differences between these terminals, hoping to have helped people who had doubts about it.

HTC Tattoo, the main differences with HTC Hero