A few weeks ago, Apple announced its switch to proprietary ARM processors to put aside dependence on Intel. This movement is not unique and certainly not the first. Huawei in the other part of the world, also put on sale a computer with a branded processor and based on ARM.

Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon has been building ARM-based 7nm Kunpeng processors for some time. However, these processors have always been used for data centers and business approaches. So far, the oriental brand seems to have been on sale a desktop and consumer computer equipped with a Kunpeng 920 inside. A practically Chinese computer, where you don’t depend on Intel for the chip or Microsoft for the operating system.

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The new computer was born thanks to a video from the Chinese YouTube channel 二斤 自制 in which they seize it and analyze its specifications and operation. Its price, according to the narrator of the video, is 7,500 yuan, or about 950 euros in exchange.

Performance still to be improved

Now what does he offer a PC specific to Huawei for 950 euros? Specifications a bit modest considering the price. Among some of its characteristics we find:

  • Eight-core Kunpeng 920 ARM v8 2.6 GHz processor.
  • 256 GB of SSD storage.
  • 16 Go de RAM Kingston DDR4-2666.
  • GPU Radeon RX550.
  • Ports SATA III, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI et Gigabit Ethernet.
  • 64-bit UOS operating system (Linux based).
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In the video we can see how se performs various performance tests to the Huawei computer. Among them a rendering in Blender (3D modeling program) of a car where it takes almost 12 minutes for the task. While playing videos, it also suffers due to the encoders it uses.

As the protagonist of the video explains, the Software is one of the big limitations, unable to install 32-bit applications and dependent on the UOS application store which has a fairly limited catalog.


Currently Huawei is already betting on its own processor for its phones Star. Gradually, the manufacturer has become independent of other companies for its products, of its own accord or by obligation. The latest proof of this is Huawei smartphones without Google services installed, which limits use in the West.

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Huawei It was also considered to create its own operating system with HarmonyOS and is not intended only for phones but also for computers. Maybe one day we will see it on a PC equipped with a Kunpeng chip. Either way, whether we’re going to see more PCs with Huawei’s own processors or not for now, that’s an unknown amount.

Source : Engadget