For the first time, Huawei has overtaken Samsung as the world’s largest mobile phone seller, according to Canalys. According to this report, the Chinese manufacturer has managed to clinch the number one position during the second quarter of 2020, taking advantage of the disruption in sales caused by the pandemic that would have affected Samsung strongly, with up to 30% less in sales compared to last year.

In nine years of battle, It is the first time that neither Samsung nor Apple have become the largest manufacturer in the world in these data. Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices during the second quarter, slightly above Samsung’s 53.7 million. This last quarter of 2020 has been the most affected by the economic situation and we see how Huawei has not reached this position by growing more, but by being less affected.

Huawei reaches the top 1 despite declining sales

Huawei’s sales are down 5% according to Canalys, but it’s a lower cut than Samsung’s. “If it weren’t for COVID-19, this wouldn’t have happened,” explains Ben Stanton, an analyst at Canalys.

Canalys’ explanation of this situation is included in Huawei’s strength in the Chinese market. According to the firm, Samsung has little presence in China, with less than 1%. Meanwhile, Huawei dominates the Chinese market, where 70% of its mobiles are sold. Although Huawei’s international sales have fallen by 27%, in China they increased by 8% during this quarter that includes the months that go from April to June.

Huawei overtakes Samsung for the first time as the world’s largest mobile manufacturer, according to Canalys

Huawei has made the most of China’s economic recovery to reactivate its smartphone business, “explains the Canalys analyst. In the case of Samsung, its most important markets such as Brazil, India, the United States or Europe have declined due to economic uncertainty.

Despite the inability to use Google services, Huawei continues to maintain a strong level of sales. Samsung expects the next one to be a better quarter, driven by sales of the new Samsung Galaxy to be presented on August 5. Meanwhile, Huawei’s dominance in China allows the company to somehow avoid the impact of the trade blockade.

From Samsung they prefer not to comment on it. We have also consulted with Huawei for their position on this report. We will update with your statements.

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