Huawei is a company that is unlikely to be successful this year. All this because of the USA, or rather their President Donald Trump, who blacklisted Huawei for alleged espionage (for which we have no evidence to this day). This means that no American companies can trade with this Chinese giant. Huawei, despite constant problems (and constant changes of opinion by Donald Trump), does not intend to give up.

The contingency plan is ready

Do you remember the Huawei Mate 30 series? Even before the official premiere, I informed you about the possible lack of Google applications due to the previously mentioned blacklisting. Unfortunately, this information has been confirmed, which may mean poor sales, although the Huawei Mate 30 family will also come to Poland. However, Europe is too important a market for Huawei and each subsequent model without Google services is another shot. First in the foot through the area of ​​​​the heart and the head at the end. Huawei does not want to give up Android despite the lack of American services. However, since 2012, they have been preparing their own operating system to appear in many types of equipment such as TV sets or smartwatches (where the system has already debuted). Now is the time for smartphones.

Huawei P40 the first smartphone with HarmonyOS? Possible but…

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Huawei P40 with dual boot

Huawei P40 and probably at least two other versions, i.e. P40 lite and P40 Pro will receive the option of dual boot. It is also possible that there will be another version distinguished by 5G support. Simply put, the P40 series will have two operating systems installed: Android without Google services, if nothing changes, and HarmonyOS. I’m not entirely sure about the effects of doing this. It is known that if Huawei advertised smartphones with the HarmonyOS system, most people would rather not be tempted. However, if he advertised them with Android without Google services, then people would not want these devices either. So are the next models of the company doomed to failure? I do not know. Perhaps this is a bogeyman for the American administration, something along the lines of “we don’t need you, we’ll manage” to lift the blockade or temporarily license American services. After all, Trump has already done it twice, why not a third? If that happened, Huawei would probably give up dual boot and bet on Android. On the other hand, it is unlikely to happen, and besides, the US has already shown that it is not a reliable business partner. What do you think? Huawei is in a losing position or will it come out unscathed? Will the sanctions be lifted? We will find out everything in the first half of 2020.

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