Huge amount of Destiny 2 information revealed, split into multiplayer.

Destiny 2 is on the cover of Game Informer and of course there is a pretty big piece about the game written in the magazine. As a result, we now know more about how multiplayer works, weapons and the abilities of the new Arcstrider subclass.

Quite a lot of new information about Destiny 2 has come out through Game Informer. Developer Bungie’s game is on the cover of the latest magazine and an extensive article talks about various aspects of the game that we previously knew little about. Let’s start with the changes to the multiplayer mode in Destiny 2.

Huge amount of Destiny 2 information revealed, split into multiplayer

Split between casual and competitive

Multiplayer is split into two lobbies. One lobby is called ‘Quick Play’ and here the more casual modes such as Clash and Control can be selected. The other is called ‘Competitive Play’ and will consist of the new Countdown mode and various modes that Bungie does not want to say about yet. So there will be a clearer split of casual and competitive players.

Destiny 2 will also have seasons, but it is not yet known to what extent this has to do with the multiplayer mode and whether you actually build a rank throughout the season. The new clan system does offer opportunities to quickly start a competitive match with teammates and to work together to earn monthly loot bonuses.

Huge amount of Destiny 2 information revealed, split into multiplayer

Arcstrider subclass

The Hunter class in Destiny 2 is getting a new subclass called Arcstrider. This was already briefly seen in the gameplay reveal of Destiny 2, but now it is also known exactly what this subclass does and can do. Arcstrider is mainly based on close combat and using the new dodge class ability. The ‘super-ability’ is similar to the old Bladedancer subclass, but then you have better control over your movements and according to Game Informer it really feels like you are a ‘powerful monk who smashes everyone with his staff’. Correct yes.

In terms of skills, Arcstrider no longer has the ability to ‘shine’, a type of jump where the player teleports a short distance. Subclass can get a longer melee distance after using a dodge and sprinting speeds up the cooldowns of your skills. It’s a mix of the old Hunter subclass with some perks of exotic armor from Destiny 1.

Huge amount of Destiny 2 information revealed, split into multiplayer

This new subclass is playable at E3 and expect to see some gameplay tonight at Sony’s press conference.

No more machine guns

It has now been officially confirmed that machine guns are not in Destiny 2. There was speculation about it because Bungie didn’t mention them as part of the ‘Power Weapons’, but that speculation is now coming to an end. The developer decided to remove the weapon class because they wanted weapons that could kill in one hit with the Power Weapons and anything that couldn’t with the other weapon types. Unfortunately, machine guns did not fit into either of these two categories.

Huge amount of Destiny 2 information revealed, split into multiplayer

Destiny 2 will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 9th. The game will also be available on PC from a later date.