Humble Bundle 2 is doing well

It’s only been a good day since the second Humble Indie Bundle was launched, but the sales figures don’t care. So far, $531,105.4 has already been raised, which is almost 401,000 euros.

Just under 74,000 people have already bought the bundle. Just over half of the buyers use Windows, but it is striking that Mac and Linux users are also strongly represented. They also appear to spend more money on average on the five games. On average, the Humble Bundle costs seven dollars. A certain @notch even paid $2,000 for the deal. However, it is not certain whether this notch is the Notch behind Minecraft.

Humble what? The Humble Indie Bundle is available here for the second time. The promotion gives us the chance to buy five Indie games (Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans) at a price that we completely choose. The proceeds will be divided (by you) among the charities Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation, the developers and the initiators of the action. We may be able to add the bundle to our Steam account after the promotion. The promotion will continue for six days.

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