Hey, I know as well as you that video games pay homage to the era of gloriously silly ’80s action movies now make a little effort. Basically, this wasn’t new in Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and of course, Huntdown isn’t shy about letting one of his martially correctly named characters – John Sawyer – shout a “Yippee ki-yay”. But after making my way through the first five-level (of four) world last night, even though I was on something else, I have to say that Huntdown has something!

It helps, of course, that it’s once again one of the opulent types of pixel art games that retro fans can barely believe for a few years. It’s nominally 16-bit, only of course every SNES or Mega Drive would have struggled to boost it, so much is happening here on the screen. Huntdown would be more likely to be located in the arcade, especially when it comes to the animations: muzzle flashes, ejected cartridges jingling audibly on the asphalt, glowing ash blowing through the streets in this post – New York escape style apocalypse – details like this please watch and declare well pixelated sprites to be an art form.

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The lady with the flamethrower is Anna Conda. I got it!?

I just love to take a peek at this kind of nostalgically powerful style remix in excellent handcrafted 2D graphics and let me dive back into my youth, which unexpectedly discovered a new platform shooter. 2D with benchmark graphics and interesting gameplay. The latter feels surprisingly modern despite the restriction that only the left and right are shot. It’s not a fast contra, in terms of speed, a slow idea on the road that Valfaris and even wants you to take cover from time to time.

You have a dash on the right shoulder button, which goes vertically down or diagonally forward in the air, slips out of the barrel in a squat and behind boxes, or disappears into the background with upward pressure, as in Blizzard’s first work Blackthorne to avoid gunfire. Remove yourself from that to reflect the fire back and disappear into it again if necessary. In most combat scenarios so far, this created a cool pace in which it was a nice challenge to handle the onslaught of armed opponents differently.

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Four gangs and their leaders are on your hit list.

If an enemy gets too close, you strike them in the air, against a wall from which they bounce, or on fire. Sometimes you punch it in the air with gunshots, which is pretty cool. Then you shoot the Molotov behind your colleague, so that the surrounding thugs catch fire. In addition to the standard endless ammo weapon, which is unique to each of the three characters, you pick up a second special weapon with a limited magazine, and depending on the character you have a different throwing item with cooldown – which can also be replaced with Grenades or Molotovs. You can tell there is a lot of modern dynamism in these fights.

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In addition, the switch worked flawlessly, even in mobile mode, which is obviously not a given after the boot performances of Valfaris and Dead Cells. A good quarter of the jokes end, another quarter tickle the region of the brain in which “The Good Old Days” is stored, and the rest are just as bogus as in many films back then. In that regard, that’s probably part of it. Until now, the music has been pleasant and catchy, appropriate to the style, although I currently didn’t hear any of the loose pieces of the game, as I do regularly with the soundtrack of The Messenger, for example. But so far it is a complete, audiovisual and technical package.

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I haven’t seen 20% of the game yet and I don’t know how long I’ll remember it. So far I have been very impressed and can’t wait to find out what Huntdown will stop me from tonight.

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