I’m not one of those people who were happy with the beta of Marvel’s Avengers, specifically. It was technically green in many ways, with occasional critical bugs, and with missions that didn’t reveal its full potential.

However, at no point did I lose confidence and was confident that the final version would show its advantages and that these flaws would be left behind … which unfortunately is not the case after spending more than seven hours thanks to Early Access to the Deluxe Edition, three days before the official launch day of September 4. Yes, it is far from excellence.

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An exciting start with Kamala Khan

To be clear: final version does not start like in beta. Before, there’s a pretty cool prologue controlling a very young Kamala Khan, inside the group that got on the SHIELD helicarrier on Avengers Day.

He is the person who best reflects what any fan would feel before the possibility of being close to the superhero from his childhood, to the point of being surprised to know that they read their own comic book and that they loved it. It’s a start designed by and for the Marvel fan, with endless nods, from recreations of its most iconic comics to the chance to see some of its most coveted items in detail. A trip that everyone wants to experience in situ.

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This stroke of nostalgia is unclear, unfortunately, with the first signs that it continues to have a performance that can be improved (despite having precisely set the “Performance” mode on PS4 Pro, sacrificing 4K to make everything smoother), with shakes in some cutscenes, cuts in some dialogues of the first missions or even seeing Kamala herself without a “wig”.

It must be remembered that there will be a launch patch, despite the fact that we played at the beginning of this version in 1.3 and from this afternoon it is in 1.4 (Additional 7 GB upgrade). It doesn’t look like the question will change much, as it shows that Marvel’s Avengers asks to play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X, where you won’t have to spend more money to take advantage of the new generation version.

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Optimization aside, Kamala Khan’s scopes in story missions are the funniest, so far, in part because of his personality, live a dream, without losing the illusion and the smile, when he ended up joining the Hulk or Iron Man. Because the story begins, as we saw in the videos or in its own beta, with a misfortune and several years have passed since the separation and disappearance of The Avengers, having in the hands of the aforementioned Kamala the task to unite them and to eradicate the plans of the organization IMA (Ideas Mecánicas Avanzados).

Marvel’s Avengers, a mix of stars


The course of the campaign alternates between the first heroes, with a greater importance for Kamala Khan at the beginning, in part because she has become an “inhuman”, with these powers which for a part of the society make of her a scourge and a danger to public health by its power, unfortunately.

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Each character feels and is controlled in a different way totally different, beyond those timid brushstrokes that his beta had hinted at. There are notable differences in terms of control (Iron Man can fly, without going any further; Kamala Khan uses his elasticity to grab certain branches to balance), as well as in abilities, where each character has their own offensive and defensive aspects. The Hulk’s wrath, for example, will not only allow him to increase his damage, but he will heal gradually. A beast.

He doesn’t appreciate the depth of combat like in the Batman Arkham at the moment, but it’s also true that here we have guns involved, not just the melee resource, and a greater number of skills together, with a system of progress that will take time to reach its full potential. And in that sense, it’s inspired by the Destiny scheme: even the menus and inventory management are pretty much the same, like when it comes to getting better.

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We could say openly that Marvel’s Avengers is a mix of these two classics with the addition of the Crystal Dynamics touch, being evident in this large number of pieces scripted fleeing without stopping running and jumping in the last breath. Come on, like the latest Tomb Raider trilogy, basically.

It comes as no surprise at any point, being a mix of ideas from this generation’s flagship games, without showing any hint of personality in the process. At least as much as I got it, with almost half of the campaign showing.

How much will he improve with the end of the game?


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Marvel’s Avengers isn’t a bad game, but he also doesn’t add anything that we haven’t seen and his story so far has left no surprises or shocking situations. In addition, the missions, including secondary ones, result in pure mechanisms of messengers or looters (opening chests, rescuing people), with others which require us to protect an area for a few seconds, to eliminate all the presence. enemy, destroy objectives or protect hostages without dying.

Marvel’s Spider-man surprised with its story, especially the consequences of its ending, despite the abuse, on the other hand, of collectibles and mostly bland side missions. This does not happen at the moment in the work of Crystal Dynamics, or to top it off we don’t have an open world, as we already knew. There are some missions that give you some freedom, but the secondary objectives are completely fulfilled. And there’s not even a map, by the way.

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At some point in history we will be managing everything from Chimera, our new base of operations, which will be improved and expanded, seeing how more staff will join the cause to gain access to stores or complete challenges to climb the faction rank. Yes, all very Destiny in that regard as well.

This is why, as a service game, we probably won’t see all of its potential up to level 50 and thus unlock mastery skills to face the most demanding missions with guarantees. Because there will be recommended levels depending on our power, depending on the items equipped and the level of each hero. And that takes time, of course.

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For now I am enjoying Marvel’s Avengers just enough, without bragging about, but it is clear that a lot needs to be improved for this work of Crystal Dynamics to be crowned as one of the best superhero video games on the market …

  • Platforms: PS4 (version analysée), Xbox One, Steam et Stadia
  • Multiplayer: yes, online (four players)
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal
  • Company: Square Enix
  • Launch: September 4, 2020
  • Price: 59,99 euros

Source : Vidaextra.com