iCab Mobile (Web Browser) 5.1.

iCab Mobile is a web browser for our devices. Application that provides you with unique and useful features that you will not find in other browsers for your iPhone. iCab Mobile allows you to navigate in different modes, including portrait mode and full screen mode which removes all bars

of tools. iCab uses advanced technology, smart interface and design geared towards most desktop browsers. Where you can fascinatingly with tabs open various web pages at the same time; using this great download manager you can download the files directly to your device with all the security of the case, since the existing filters block the ads or other unnecessary elements.


iCab Mobile (Web Browser) 5.1
  • Search: iCab Mobile comes with several default search engines you can choose from. You can easily add new search engines. Search suggestions from Google and Yahoo can be activated on the iPad. It is also possible to search within a web page.
  • Fill out forms: iCab Mobile can save web forms and restore the content later (manually or automatically). The data saved forms can protect with password.
  • Filter: There is a built-in and customizable URL-based filter. The default filters block advertising banners. You can edit, add or remove filters. It is possible to disable images to save bandwidth.
  • Records: iCab Mobile supports here, so you can open multiple web pages at the same time. Links can be opened here (in the foreground or background) manually or automatically. iCab can save tabs on exit so they can be loaded, even when you are offline, the next time the application is started.
  • Markers: Bookmarks can be organized in folders. You can import/export bookmarks from/to your PC/Mac browser. Bookmarks can also be saved as “Offline Bookmarks” which can even be opened without an internet connection.
  • Full screen mode: iCab Mobile offers a full screen mode, where the entire screen is used to display the web page. No screen space is wasted by toolbars.
  • Downloads: iCab Mobile has a built-in download manager so you can download almost any file from the Internet. The downloads can be easily transferred to a Mac / PC / Linux computer, but also for other applications on the device that can open these files (iOS 3.2 or later is required).
  • Displacement: The unique “Scrollpad” allows you to instantly scroll anywhere within a web page (Tap with three fingers on the screen to activate the Scrollpad).
  • Guest mode:iCab mobile itself can be password protected. When password protection is enabled, a limited privilege guest mode can be enabled, which is available without a password. Client mode can have its own subset of bookmarks and search engines.
  • DropBox: iCab Mobile is compatible with Dropbox. Export/Import bookmarks, transfer downloads, images, files, web pages to your Dropbox account.
  • Configurable Multi-Touch gestures.
  • Quick start function support AirPrint (IOS 4.2 is required).
  • Browser ID (reference) is configurable.
  • iCab Mobile fully supports International Domain Names (IDNs – domain names with language specific characters).
  • VGA output: Web pages can be didplayed on an external display.
  • Send (smaller) via email downloads.
  • Cookie Manager, lists all cookies, cookies can be deleted individually.
  • Private browsing (no history and cookies are not stored).
  • The privacy settings allow you to delete all kinds of private data (history, cookies, databases, saved forms, passwords, etc.)
  • Ability to pass the current Web page to another application on the device that can open the page.
  • URL based on bookmarks and/or history.
  • Simple built-in RSS reader.
  • Save images, entire web pages, PDF files.
  • Kiosk Mode – A restricted variation of full screen mode for kiosk environments.
  • Auto-rotation support.
  • History.
  • Address book support allows you to access web pages from the address book.
  • When iCab is launched you can open a blank page, the main page or restore the tabs that were last open.
  • Page-compression is supported to save bandwidth. There are different color schemes (Skins) on the iPhone / iPod Touch.
  • Document Sharing allows you to pass downloads and files to other apps on your device (iOS 3.2/4.x required).
  • iOS 4 multitasking support: Downloads can continue while the app is in the background, just as audio files on web pages can continue playing in the background.

What’s new in version 5.1?

  • Now supports the native iOS 5 Twitter panel for sending a web page link to Twitter.
  • It is also possible to include a preview image from the web page with the tweet.
  • The context menu can now be configured (menu items that cannot be excluded from use, the most important items can be moved to the top, etc.)
  • New option (in the “Settings” section of the app) to configure the HTTP timeout.
  • New option to open new tabs next to the asset, instead of opening as the last one in the tab bar.
  • New module to convert Web pages into PDF or JPEG files: JoliPrint.
  • New module to publish a web page in Diigo.
  • A new button can be configured for full screen mode, which hides all buttons by default when entering full screen mode.
  • Using the export/import function (via WLAN), it is now possible to export and import saved forms data as well.
  • Fixes various iOS 5 issues.


iCab Mobile (Web Browser) 5.1