Identification with video game characters.

Very good SamaGameer @ s, geeks, evil spawn, students (You should be studying) and beings from planet Earth, It has been a long time since I sent a contribution in News because I could not think of something interesting to write about until the lightbulb went on. I bring you a topic a little deeper than what I usually write in SamaGame, in which I will talk to you from you to you to create a link between the reading and the reader and, which, I would like you to reflect in the comments.

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Have you never felt identified with a video game character? Have you not noticed as if you were the protagonist of those shocking stories, in which you would love to be able to enter the video game just to help someone? Definitely, Have you not felt that feeling in which some of the characters act in the same way that you would act? No, I am not talking about games in which you make the decision, but this one is already predetermined, but that, even so, you would act the same as the person with whom you feel identified. When he is frustrated, you are for the same reason, when he cries, you notice how a tear slowly slides down your eyelash, when he laughs, you laugh, even if he is the only one who laughs because everyone else does not understand grace.

Identification with video game characters

Many times, when this happens, we do not realize what is happening, since you can believe that that happens to everyone, because the game is made to happen that way, but the reality is totally different, as you progress In the game you feel as if that character had been created especially for you, so that you would see yourself reflected in the game, to create a link between player and game. Each person is unique and what someone could find the saddest thing they have seen in all the video games they have played, another could be preparing a coffee because of how boring the scene is, but you should know that, we must not forget who we are, because even the strongest person emotionally, could collapse in the least expected scene.

The feeling of wanting to participate at some point in the history of the video game is constant, especially in those moments when we think (or even shout, even if we are alone at home) that a character must do something in particular at a specific moment in history, so as not to forget the typical “Is that this uncle / a is ”. Do you realize now what I mean? You want to, but you can’t prevent something from happening in that video game, because the script is already written and it won’t change no matter how many times you repeat it, just like a star falls fleetingly in a starry sky, because it is unique. But then comes that video game in which you have no complaints. Why? because some of the characters have acted just like you would if you were part of the game. You might think now: “But that was just a coincidence! It sure won’t happen again …” then it happens that that situation repeats itself over and over again and you see how you start to like that game, to be a game made for you, to understand why it acts in one way or another.

Identification with video game characters

On many occasions you can hear “The story of this video game is perfect!” and they end up strongly recommending that game to you. This happens because at some point or another, they feel identified with the cause of one of the characters, they feel as if they are part of the game and they understand perfectly how it feels at all times, that’s why you might not like the one they they recommend you, maybe you don’t understand what they have been feeling.

We all have a favorite game, right? Why do you think this happens? Moreover, if now I ask you: “If they could portray your personality In a video game, what name would you give that person to take a base of your character? “Most likely it is the name of a character that appears in your favorite video game or one of the ones you like the most, because that game will made feel as if you are part of it and you feel like one more and that, thanks to technology, which advances by leaps and bounds, we can enter virtually thanks to virtual reality glasses, an accessory that would partially enter us (Mother: “, there’s already lunch / dinner “) within the video game, offering us, more and more, the feeling of direct participation in it.

Identification with video game characters

There was a time when I believed that video games were pure entertainment and, I was not mistaken, they have that purpose, to entertain the player to spend their free time, but there is something else, nothing is as simple as it seems, there is always something behind it, something that is always behind everything you can think of, the story, more specifically, that of each character, the feeling of link between your story with your story, the one of “Well, something similar happened to me” or “I think like him” and, once that happens, that’s when you start to link events, experiences or feelings. I know that has happened to you, I am sure that in a video game, to give you an example, in which you can rotate characters (type Fire emblem) and choose the one you like the most, there is always one fixed and no, I do not mean the protagonists, but The one you pamper the most, the one you give all the good objects to and the one that can never be missing because it is the best even though others tell you that it is the worst, because it is the most similar to you in the skills that you would like to have in reality or who you would like to look like.

As you now know what I mean, I bring you the character with whom I most identify, obviously, he is not the only one, but he is the one who could most resemble me in terms of character. That character is Emil castagnier from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Emil is a rather shy boy and someone who cannot face his fears as quickly as others could, until one day a man named RichterWho helps Emil get the courage to do what he wants to do or say without fear of what others may say and, above all, to protect what he loves most. During the course of the game I saw how he changed, the evolution of Emil’s character is very clear, Emil’s character from the beginning is not comparable with the one at the end, he is totally different, a new person who knew how to escape his fears, facing them with the courage to end them, because as Richter tells Emil “Courage is the magic that makes dreams come true”

Identification with video game characters

Well, SamaGameer @ s, this has been all for today, I hope that this article has been to your liking and that you have enjoyed it as much as I have done writing it, without a doubt, it was something I wanted to write about and that, although It took days to finish it (yes, I have it in a saved notepad: P), it was worth it.

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