Renewing consoles always involves a much higher outlay than the thing itself, especially if you are several at home and in addition to a good catalog of games you also want several controllers to play. Luckily there offers like this, of the new controls Xbox Series, which make it easier for us.

Going down to its historical minimum price we have the Xbox Series Robot White white controller for 49.90 euros (normally 59.90 euros). You also have the edition in color black Carbon Black for the same price, 49.90 euros.

Both controls are in reserve and will not be available until the next January 17, so do not count on having them at home until January 22 or 23. The good news is that it comes with free shipping for Prime members.

If you don’t have one Xbox SeriesRemember that you can also use this new edition of controllers on Xbox One or PC, so it is also a good option if you are looking for a new pad to renew your collection.

Of course, remember that we are facing the normal version of the remote that comes with batteries, not the one that includes the Charging pack and plays with rechargeable batteries. For now the pack is still sold out, but we will be watching for new opportunities to get hold of it.

If you are looking for the new Xbox Series controller in black or white, you have them on offer for 49 euros, its historical minimum price on Amazon