If your parents are afraid of games and smart devices, bring them to PlayIT!.

What is FOMO, can social media be the cause of suicide, what does an educational robot know, what should a child learn, what happens if Fortnite shuts down? This year, there will also be a stage for parents and families at PlayIT, and we will talk to experts and youtubers about countless important topics.

People tend to be afraid of the new, the unknown, and many, instead of being informed, are more reluctant, back away from something that isn’t necessarily bad because of their prejudices. We want to change this together, so at PlayIT, we highly recommend topics for parents and families to everyone. Come and listen to our guests and ask them!

For the third time, Generali Parental Care is trying to help parents and young people with interesting performances. Psychologists, sociologists, popular videographers, and other experts will take part in the discussions. Here is the program, which of course may change, but at least you can learn about the main topics in advance:

If your parents are afraid of games and smart devices, bring them to PlayIT!
  • 10: 00-10: 10
  • 10: 10-10: 40
    How will a fragmented computer become the environmental solution of the future?
    Participants: Péter Szebenyi and Balázs Kertész (JÖN Foundation – Rage Room)
  • 10: 40-11: 00
    How can sports be a game?
    Participant: Sándor Kovács (Sport TV / Trash Talk)
  • 11: 00-11: 40
    The day Fortnite is gone, so what can a change in a game trigger for kids?
    Participants: IceBlueBird, DoggyAndi videographers, psychologist Andrei Damsa
  • 12: 00-12: 40
    Social media and suicide? Horror stories and scientific facts
    Participants: Zsolti Kovács video, Ágnes Zsila psychologist
  • 12: 40-13: 00
    Is it worth being an e-athlete in Hungary today?
    Participants: Gamer Power eSport Association
  • 13: 00-13: 40
    The problem of the FOMO phenomenon
    Participants: videos of the Pamkutya channel, Anikó Urbán child protection expert (InfoTárs association), Orsolya Király psychologist
  • 14: 00-14: 40
    How can a parent take digital care of their child?
    Participants: Broadtest channel videographers, Dániel Bozsoki, sociologist and tech expert
  • 15: 00-15: 40
    What competencies does a child need in the job market today after graduation?
    Participants: Dániel Bozsoki, sociologist, Dr. László Ábrahám, Managing Director of National Instruments Hungary in Debrecen, Zoltán Pék, Research and Development Manager of Continental Automotive Hungary in Veszprém
  • 15: 40-16: 00
    What does an educational programmable humanoid robot know?
    Participant: Muzix Group
  • 16: 00-16: 40
    Generation gaps
    Participants Powii, iDark videographers, King Orsolya psychologist
  • 16: 45-17: 30
    Heroes don’t fly, they help
    Participants: CosHelp

Tickets for PlayIT are still available in advance at a discounted price on this site! Come and really bring your parents or accompany your kids as parents because we have something to talk about!