If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017.

House, racing car, bag, terrorist Action Man – we’ve collected from 2017 the special expenses we’d be willing to give away all our money for.

Almost every major game of the year was accompanied by a collector’s edition that included at least one sculpture, or better yet, something more interesting. Of course, the figures on the shelf look good, but we appreciate it better if the developers and publishers dare to be more creative – and this year they dared to be better than average. The list below only includes those collectors who are not only beautiful, but they also have fantasy – that’s why Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition, for example, which has a beautiful statue of the protagonist and a similarly pretty artbook, hasn’t been included, and that’s for most fans, of course, enough, but it doesn’t count as outstandingly creative — nor do the collectors of South Park: The Fractured but Whole, packaged with the figure. We go in alphabetical order, not in order of ranking.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

2017 Best Collector’s Editions

ARK: Survival Evolved Limited Collector’s Edition

A lot of water wasn’t bothered by the release of the full version of Ark: Survival Evolved, as the game can be played with years of early access and has been working pretty well for some time. In August, however, the boxed version came on the market, along with two special editions, of which the Limited Collector’s Edition is really interesting (the other is just the base game with the season pass). In addition to the game and all the extra content, its $ 160 collectors include a leather-covered notebook with descriptions of all the creatures, a necklace, a canvas map, a record, and a poster depicting the developers of Wildcard. The latter is a bit weird, but anyone who likes the game so much that the developers want to stare at it has a soul on it. The box is also beautiful.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition

It’s hard to list all the special editions of AC: Origins by heart, but to tell you the truth, none of them count for the € 800 (about $ 250,000) Legendary Edition. The 73 cm high Bayek statue can be the wedge of any room (especially if that room is a museum exhibition hall), but it drops the price of the package very roughly. Next to it are, by the way, four lithographs, two steelbooks, an all-extra edition of the game, an artbook, a record, a map, art cards, and an eagle amulet.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

Also worth mentioning is the 15.5 million package in which a Focal headphone was packed, among other things.

Call of Duty WWII Valor Collection

Not as substantial or special as previous Call of Duty collector’s editions (we’ll never forget the drone, the night visionary, and the mini-fridge), but it’s still perfect. Triforce’s Valor Collection features a zombie poster that can cause eternal trauma, a bronze statue depicting war heroes, and a perfect symbol of the second World War I, a steelcase, five seamstresses with emblems of different divisions, and a sword-shaped badge. Unfortunately, the Season Pass is no longer available, it can only be found in the Valor Collection Pro, but it also comes with a steelbook.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

Danganronpa V3 Limited Edition

NIS America did not refine the limited edition Danganronpa V3. Anyone who likes to spend a lot can also buy the game with a backpack, a headphone, a baseball cap, two records and an artbook. Of course, it sold out quickly, it is offered on eBay for around 40-50 thousand forints, which is not dangerous at all.

Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition

We could argue about whether the first or second Destiny’s biggest collector’s edition is better, we don’t even want to take a stand on that. In fact, Ghost looked pretty good, but all the better is the Ghost-shaped candlestick, which also comes with candles scented with aromas inspired by different planets. The highlight of the collector in the second part is the bundle, which can be carried as a backpack and side bag, with a solar-powered USB charger, a paracord rope, and a warm foil, and a compartment for a 15 “laptop. A nice collection box with Calus his portrait is shown in gold and includes a steelbook, a booklet, and three pieces.Of course, the Expansion Pass and the game itself are part of it.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

For Honor Collector’s Case

The Apollyon Edition goes with soda, the real treasure is the Collector’s Case, which was only available for purchase through uPlay. The main element of the package is a stand with a 1: 3 copy of three helmets. It also comes with a nice box, a lithograph, a record, and the Gold Edition of the game.

Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition

There’s an affordable GT Sport Collector’s Edition, with DLC cars, an A4 book, a small car, stickers, and other in-game extras, but much more exciting than that is just one of which was made and landed at a car collector. The Taiwanese edition is approx. It sold for 12-13 million, but whoever bought it got the game, a PS4 Pro, a PS VR, a Sony Bravia 4K TV, a Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel, an Apiga AP1 race seat and a 2018- as well as the Mazda MX5. I wish there had been more of it, unfortunately we weren’t fast enough, we fell behind. Pedig …

Mass Effect Andromeda Collector’s Edition

Perfectly matched to Andromeda’s mixed reception, to put it mildly, none of its two collector’s editions included the game itself. Both have a Nomad ND1 replica and a steelbook. The difference is that while the cheaper, $ 100 version only has one model (which can open its doors and the dashboard lights up anyway), the more expensive $ 200 edition has a smart phone-controlled replica. The idea is commendable, the lack of play is not so much, but we thought we wouldn’t leave the list.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mithril Edition

The Shadow of War Mithril Edition is a curiosity just because of its price: it is available for around 100 thousand forints. Therefore, in exchange for the price, a 30-centimeter statue, a tissue map, lithographs, stickers, a magnetic ring, music material, in-game content, a metal box come with the base game.

Project Cars 2 Ultra Edition

Of the three special editions of Project Cars 2, by far the biggest is the best, but probably most fans will also fit in with the sleek Collector’s Edition, which includes a 1:43 scale McLaren 720S, an art book, an Esport Live VIP Pass, a season pass and a DLC was placed. All of these are included in the Ultra Edition, with the exception of the car model, which in this version was replaced with a 1:12 McLaren 720S and had another signed poster, a custom numbered snapback cap, and a sketchbook with the history of the 720s evolved. 1000 copies of it were made, now it can be bought in stores for 140-155 thousand forints.

Resident Evil VII Collector’s Edition

The United States has received other collectors, and Europe has received a different one – both have their advantages and disadvantages. The American is more atmospheric in that the flash drive is not just a simple cut finger, but also one that got a big role in the demo, and comes with a VHS-powered box, a lithograph, a note, a metal box and a Baker house musician another. In Europe, the house looks different and doesn’t play music, the cut finger can’t really be attached to the game, there’s no metal box, the cover can only be turned over, but there are five lithographs instead of one, and a twentieth anniversary artbook is included. Which do you like better?

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

This European:

This American:

Sniper Elite 4 Collector’s Edition

For some bizarre reason, it was only released in Australia, though we would have liked to see the Sniper Elite 4 collector as well. Most interesting in this is the paper-foldable Karabiner 98k, which comes with a stand; we have to work with him a little bit, but that way we can be even happier with him. It also included a metal box, an ammunition-shaped USB, and four postcards.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Edition

The Breath of the Wild collector is the perfect complement to a newly purchased Switch. Whoever takes this will get one of the best games on the platform (and of the year) on the one hand, and a case to carry the machine safely on the other. These are accompanied by a map, a Master Sword statue, a record and a coin just for an extra gift. If we were to rank, it would be in the top 3.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Calavera Collector’s Edition

The Calavera edition was only available in a very limited number through the uPlay Shop, in which a Ghostok-like headset, compatible with a PC, PS4 and Xbox One, was placed, which we could rest on a painted skull. That alone was enough to make the collector’s edition one of the best, but the map, the batyu, the three postcards, the record, and the Gold Edition of the game pushed one more on it.

Total War: Warhammer II Serpent God Edition

The Serpent God Edition is like being packed with archeological finds: An art book, a spherical puzzle, tooth carvings, a canvas map, and a USB necklace were included. It also includes everything in the limited edition, so it includes a sticker pack, a mini strategy manual, and an embossed case.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Collector’s Edition

Although we didn’t prioritize spending if we had to, we would definitely put Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Terror-Billy in first place. The biggest enemy of the ___s can be obtained as an Action Man-like figure with four different weapons, a replaceable jacket, a poster, a manual, a metal box. Perfect collector for an almost perfect game.

If you’re already putting it on the shelf – these were the best collector’s editions of 2017

Which one do you like best? Something not on the list? Did you buy any of them?