When you go to interview the Spanish YouTuber with more subscribers in the “Engine” category, which is already two million, you can expect to meet someone who has power, who has some purchasing power, worried about its appearance and with an expensive car as a brand. But no. Vicesat is different.

Vicesat, who occupies the number 1 on the podium, is a Rare notices in the youtuber panorama. He’s been on the platform for eight years, has nearly 400 million views in the 280 videos he’s posted and has a huge community, but he never showed his face, he didn’t even say his first name. He has used used or second-hand cars arranged by himself and refuses invitations to all kinds of events if they ask him to use his image in return. Looking at his videos, you could say that he practices antipostureo. He is, above all, a particular YouTuber.

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His videos, of direct and close narration, show his adventures of putting an electric motor on a bicycle, restoring used cars in his garage, little tips to solve car problems in a simple way or to camp a van at the same. time. Low price.

A youtuber against posture

What of anti-posture this is not a trivial question. He is proud to have followed this path, he explains. “On YouTube, as on social networks, everything looks good, everything is fine. There is never anything wrong. Neither in people’s lives nor in the products that are taught. It pays me back, because there are things that are subsequently bad and that must also be said, ”he explains.

This is how the events on his channel are explained, like when he was invited to the presentation of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition – one of the few events he agreed to go – and he said in his video that “if you want to see more comparisons and all that you go to another channel, because for me mobiles like that annoy me”, or that I added in the description that “I would choose the version normal from a year ago, which costs less. “It comes down to the alignment of seven planets and two satellites in the universe of last word and dedication to the novelty of technology journals.

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The decision not to reveal your identity is a big decision. The passage of time and the arrival of success only consolidate it. ” Now the normal thing is to expose your whole life on the Internet: where you work, where you live, what your kids look like, what hours you have … Give a lot of information that anyone can confuse you in an instant. It only remains to say what is the PIN code of your home alarm. I’m going to step into that role, ”he says with the exact same tone of voice that appears in his videos.

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In fact, he asks us not to even publish some personal data, such as his exact age, as a condition for doing this interview. “There are many reasons not to give out your identity and very few to do so. Being famous today I don’t see very positive people now become famous for silly things over and over, to make a challenge, things like. If I were to become famous, I would like to be famous for something bigger, maybe to help people, to contribute, not to play Fortnite or to make an ice cube. Okay sure, but I prefer something else and I don’t think what I’m doing is worth making me famous or admired. ”

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What makes a YouTuber stay anonymous?

Vicesat 1 Vicesat during his trip to China. Image transferred.

Its secret is also a self-protection measure. “If I ever say something that hurts… Right now, everything you say is known can cause people to get fired from work or your apartment. You have to go with your feet. Yes, sometimes I do something that hurts me, they can’t come and sink me, because I’m anonymous. ”

“Right now, everything you say is known can get people fired from work, you have to be on your guard”

On some occasions he has posted videos traveling at speeds above those allowed, including on e-bikes or e-scooters modified by himself. Something whose consequences are also negated by being anonymous. “When I go like that, with the scooter or something, I do it in places where there is no one, so I don’t put anybody in danger. Moreover, since there is no one, if I am fined, it is different from the crowd, less serious so to speak, ”he explained.

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however, he is sometimes recognized. Or because of his way of speaking and his unique tone of voice, something that mainly occurs in environments such as gas stations or mechanical workshops; or because of the cars it carries. For example, recently he was with a Chevrolet Camaro, a model rarely seen in Spain, which he also modified with a specific steering wheel, wheels or headlights that make his model even more recognizable.

“Some time ago there were people who even called my house to ask if it was Vicesat, it’s because I parked at the door and they recognized the car, now I try to park a little further. They even came to my work. so flashy I remember it well. “Another consequence of this anonymity-non-anonymity is that, Paradoxically, it costs him more to sell his cars, an operation that he does very often: he had 21 different cars and several motorcycles.

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“When I put the car up for sale on a platform, there are people who recognize it and write to tell me that they are interested in it, but it really does not interest them, what they want is to talk to me, or meet to see the car knowing it’s not going to buy. Other than that when I was recognized I didn’t have a bad experience, they were always polite and nice people, it looks idyllic but it’s so ‘In these sales and operations. purchase, you don’t earn money and if you do, the profit usually doesn’t compensate in itself the hours spent on each restoration or repair. It’s a leisure who relies on video.

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“I love my life as it is, I don’t want to change anything”

Vicesat, on a jet ski with a friend. Vicesat, on a jet ski with a friend. Image transferred.

His community is there for his videos, for his way of communicating and for the peculiarity of his stories: there aren’t many people who buy and sell cars every few weeks and modify or restore them themselves, or make homemade electric bicycles that reach 100 kilometers per hour. But it’s also there for the heroics, like posting a 1.5 hour video and not placing a miserable ad on it. “I make the videos the way I would like to see them, I don’t like to see a lot of ads, and if I have to see them I prefer them to be at the beginning or at the end, but not in the middle of the video. It’s not cool that they interrupt you to advertise you. ”

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Your channel could be a lot more monetized, but you’d rather wait until it is much bigger or be able to start something bigger, like a business

In this line, a channel like yours could be monetized much better. No more ads occupying central spaces in the video, collaborations with brands, etc. But Vicesat says “no”. “I think long term. There will be time for everything. When you’re the best at something, that’s when it’s time to think about it, and I’m not yet. So far, I haven’t. By the way, the money I could get now might sound like a lot to me, but if I hope to have 10 million subscribers by then, that money will seem like little to me because I want to keep improving. . ”

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In all the frugality: ” I love my life as it is, I don’t wanna change a thing. I don’t need people to stop on the street or have a little more money, I prefer to wait, maybe in the future I can do something bigger, that’s my idea. Create a business, a film, a documentary… Something like that, who knows. If you do it really well, you will get your reward. ”

Vicesat on a bicycle went electric all by itself. Vicesat on a bicycle went electric all by itself. Image transferred.

And he continues, “I spend money on things that make me happy. I’m a little happier to drive a Camaro V8, but I don’t wear expensive clothes. I don’t care about the clothes, I want them to be comfortable and last longer, I change more cars In fact, it is worse to wear expensive clothes, I think if it is stained or damaged, I would be in trouble. What I value most is my freedom. If I tire of YouTube tomorrow, I might quit. If I want to say “no” to a job where I am paid 700 euros for eight hours a day, I can say “no”. Going to the countryside, having a drink with a friend… It is this freedom that I appreciate the most ”.

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By the way, we asked him why what would be your ideal car. It doesn’t exist yet. “Nobody has what I’m asking for: powerful, with four seats unless they’re roomy, a good trunk that can accommodate bikes or even where you can sleep… The closest thing to anything that would be Camaro, well that it consumes too much and attracts attention. It would be perfect if it were a little smaller and more low-key, ”he said.

Illustration shown: Jesús León.

Source: Engadget