ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation.

While society advances, thanks to technology, towards a paradigm where everything and everyone is connected, banks have been falling behind. These entities, so vital in our organizational system as the main axis of our financial activities, have not been able to get ahead of a generation that seeks to do everything from the palm of its hand.

However, with the need to captivate the new generations and their evasions towards systems that require worries, complications and responsibilities, there are many banks that today are launching into battle for these potential clients, and the fact is that the saying, better late than never.

ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation

ImaginBank, 100% mobile and 0% worries

One of the entities that have engaged in combat in this fight for new generation customers is CaixaBank, owner of “La Caixa”, which proposes that we manage practically all aspects of our bank account and the processes that it can offer us from our smartphone.

ImaginBank proposes to centralize everything in one application, forget about the growth of our savings and complicated clauses and seduce these potential clients with a worry-free service, easy to use and with all the support and experience that an entity as large as CaixaBank can to offer.

ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation

the mobile application

The mobile application is the axis of ImaginBank, from it we can create an account completely free of charge as well as obtain our Imagin Debit VISA in the same way at no cost.

From this application we will be able to keep track of our expenses and funds, as well as make bank transfers, make payments, obtain forecasts, request loans, and even contact ImaginBank customer service, who will respond to us via Twitter or the Internet. social network of our preference (in its first months they even had WhatsApp service).

ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation

As if that were not enough, from the application we can manage our cards, block them in case of theft, request new ones if needed and even see their movements as well as organize them according to the type of expenses to obtain a better vision of the way in which we spend our money.


But today there are many banks that offer the possibility of managing certain aspects of our account from our mobile, so what is special about ImaginBank?

ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation

ImaginBank is constantly innovating, and it is that they not only offer us an application from which to manage everything, but they also offer us to make use of the latest technologies to, for example, request a VISA in a bracelet format that works with “contactless” terminals thanks to NFC technology, as well as the adoption of mobile payment systems such as Samsung Pay (hopefully Apple Pay soon), or its most recent novelty, a keyboard for iOS and Android from which we can make money transfers in a totally secure way to anyone of our contacts without even leaving the application in which we are.

Imagine the situation, a friend reminds you that last night’s dinner cost a total of €50 and of which you have to pay €10, you switch to the ImaginBoard keyboard by pressing a button, you select your friend’s avatar from the contact list that appears and enter the amount you want to pay as well as your login details to verify your identity, before you know it, you will have the money in your account thanks to the Bizum platform.

The security of a financial giant behind

If any doubt, problem or unresolved conflict arises, unlike other similar entities whose offices are few and highly centralized, as an ImaginBank customer you can always go to the nearest La Caixa branch and enjoy all the advantages of customer service to the customer free of charge and in person, for my part this was the differential factor that culminated in my decision making.

ImaginBank, the online bank for the connected generation

If you also want to experience connected banking and do not want to complicate yourself with percentages, commissions and services that you will never use, you can open your Imagin account in a very simple way, downloading the app from here.