Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has a number of vaults in Tartarus to explore. These are full of puzzles and treasures. Here you can read what the complete solution for all of these areas looks like: The path through each individual Tartaros vault is explained in detail, we also tell you how to avoid the traps and get the chests.

You need this solution for the main quest, but also for the many, many optional vaults. And often enough we give first of all assistance on how to find one of these dungeons in the first place. In some vaults you need special skills, but we’ll tell you that – and give you one or two tricks on how it could be easier. Until then: First of all, have fun in the underworld of Tartaros and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

Contents Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Tartarus

Butterflies (Hermes start area)

Valley of Eternal Spring (Aphrodite)

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Achilles, shadow hero and boss fight
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Fall of Adonis, tears come to me, northern vault find: Kalliope’s sorrow
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – I cry, find the southern vault, Aphrodite’s amazement
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Vault of Aphrodite, Boss fight: Ozomene the stormy

Cleos Grove (Athena)

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Forge Land (Hephaestus)

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Disobedience of Perseus, The Automata Sanctuary
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Cage of Sisyphus, Arena of Valor
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Aether Shrine, Arena of Legends
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Atalante’s nightmare, ghost hideout: Odysseus shadow hero
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Torments of Ikaros, The Way of the Olympians
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – The task of Heracles, Achilles battle pit on the island
  • Tartaros Vault: Dark Arts Forge Lands – Hephaestus Vault (main quest)

The Cave of War (Ares)

  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Arena of Strength, Atalante’s Escape (Cave of War)
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Strength of Aiolos, hideout Heracles shadow hero
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Sanctuary of Erebos, Arena of Humility, Arena of Wisdom
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Despite Kronos
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Torments of the Styx, No look for Medusa

King’s Summit

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved
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Important divine skills

The question of which skills you should unlock first is entirely justified. Many are nice to have, others extremely important, and still others make your entire life so much easier that they are worth learning first. So if you wanted to establish an order, there is much to be said for having at least three of the four divine powers. These are the spells that you trigger in a fight with L1 / LB and the right thumb buttons. So you have more options in combat.

Two of them – Herakles bracers and phosphorus attack – you can get as part of story quests on the Butterfly Rock and in the Valley of Eternal Spring. You have to buy the rest in exchange for Charon coins. But they are scarce, you loot them by solving mythical challenges (the legend of the map will help you!). So what should you get yourself first? Anger des Ares is a good start, as he lets an armada of spears shoot out of the ground: Good for breaking free from encirclement and causing massive stun damage. Athena’s thrust lets you storm the enemy with a shield first and is good at duels against more powerful enemies.

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for looking around under the normal skills first, because there are some things that can be unlocked cheaply and massively simplify the game for only two coins per skill. These are primarily things that increase Fenyx mobility: The climbing jump ensures that you reach higher areas early on, because you simply make more of your stamina on steep walls. The sliding thrust does something similar, only for the flight with your wings: you fly faster with the same endurance and therefore further. Be sure to take it with you. Also the swim strokefollows this logic and is therefore self-explanatory: moving faster and further in the water – always good to have. And last but not least, there is telekinesis collecting , which makes farming fruit for health and stamina potions much easier, because you can pick up several items at once in a large area. So here we have four abilities for eight Charons coins that you won’t want to miss for the whole game. Our tip is to get these four as soon as possible.

Then you should try the following order:

1. Precision control for Apollon’s arrow: Not exactly cheap with 8 Charons coins, but incredibly useful when you later need to fly tight courses with the steering arrow. This skill is also extremely valuable for the Odysseus challenges, which in turn means that you can get to Charon coins more easily and therefore faster in these challenges. See it as an investment!

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

2. Laser immunity for Athena’s thrust: Athena’s thrust completes your divine skills and can be upgraded four times. If you choose the upgrade path on the left, you first unlock “Last Hit” for 8 coins, which adds a powerful final blow to Athena’s boost, which makes this ability appear completely. Behind it is the laser immunity, which does a great job in numerous puzzles in Tartaros vaults.

3. Phosphor clone: Let your firebird buddy Phosphorus create a stone image of you that can be thrown and with which switch plates in the ground can be weighed down. Useful in many puzzle situations, you almost feel like you are cheating. In any case, it is worth all the points you invest in it.

Tartaros vault on the butterfly rock (Hermes start area)

Transition into the abyss

Run and jump up to the first lever. Actuate it and use the platforms to the next level. At the top you use the next lever and then jump the platforms to your right to another switch:

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

It sets a platform in motion that leads to a chest. The lever leads back to the central level, where you pull the first lever again and then jump forward to find the Broken Wings . With this you can now do a double jump in the air and, by holding the dodge button, sprint as long as your stamina lasts.

A double jump later an ax is stuck in the ground on the right. Pull them out and you now have the Atalante’s ax , which you can try out on a few enemies right away.

The ax sets your heavy attack and lies on the Y or triangle button (Xbox or PS4 / 5) or on the switch on X. The ax is perfect for hitting groups of opponents at once and causing blocking enemies to stumble. The ax combo that Fenyx performs while jumping is particularly devastating.

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

If all opponents are lying, you step through the now open gate, where you stand on the left on the floor plate to bring the platform. Then run on them to get to the higher area.

At the top you open the chest to get a lightning bolt from Zeus.

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Odysseus’ Troubles – Take the bow.

Run to the switch and a box will appear. Push them onto the left platform. On the right side a small box rests on a pillar. Bring it up with LB + Y or L1 + triangle (L + X on switch) and place it on the left base plate.

You jump along the now appearing pillars to get to the next switch. Press it and a wooden box appears on the hill above you, which you pull down with the same trick as the small box and use it as a platform to get up with a double jump.

Then you come to a place with two switches. First press the left one so that a small box appears. You pick it up and throw it on the right side of the base plate with the spring:

Then you press the left switch, throw the box over on the right, jump after and throw it from there onto the left floor switch.

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

The platforms that appear will lead you to the arch of Odysseus

Then shoot your bow at the golden diamond on the right behind the pedestal from which you picked up the weapon. Platforms then go up from below, which you can use to get to the next area. Then shoot through the window at the other diamonds, first the left then the right. You can only hit the last one with the ability “Apollon’s Arrow”. This is a remote-controlled arrow that you fire by holding LT or L2 and firing with RB or R1 and then controlling it with the right stick. Control it under the grid and then up to the finish.

Then the door opens. Go through and to the right where a secret chest is waiting behind a locked door with an Omega sign. Shoot Apollon’s arrow over this point in the picture into the golden diamond:

Adamants and healing potions are waiting in the chest. Then back to the main area, where you jump to the right up the platforms to a switch. Push it and shoot the chain with the rock in the middle.

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising Solution – All vaults of Tartarus with chests solved

The boulder breaks when falling. Place the two small blocks on each of the two floor plates and then jump up to the chest, where you will get another lightning bolt from Zeus .

Quest: Blurred Vision – Reach the Oracle

After the stranger has stolen from you, the following puzzle becomes harder again, because you cannot move boxes without Heracles’ bracers. First go to the right on the platform and then look at the fire and shoot an arrow through it so that it lights a torch behind it. This works best with the remote-controlled arrow.

Then you go to the area after, where you talk to the supposed oracle. The thief then gives you back your bracers, with which you push the boulder in the anteroom onto the platform after the cutscene and then press the switch. Then you jump through the hole in the floor into the vault of Tartaros – the one-eyed giant.

Tartaros Vault – The one-eyed giant

Press the switch on the left. You put the appearing blocks on the platforms. Two on the right one on the left.

Then you jump the platforms to the next switch. A wooden box and one made of metal appear. You put the metal box on the left floor platform – the one with the anvil on it – and the wooden box on the left.

In the next area you have to defeat two hydras before you can continue. Then the platforms in the next area where you will find a switch:

You bring the small box on the left pillar with the Hercules bracers to you and place it on the base plate. Then onto the moving platform. In the middle of the path you can jump left onto one of the small platforms:

At the end you will find an Epic Chest in which the new Olympian’s helmet is waiting for a new owner. Then back and forward.

Above you get the small box on the left on the column, which you balance on the next floor plate.

In the next area you have to press both switches. If you press the right one, a ball appears, which you have to push onto a floor plate to the right.

You do the same in the barred passage on the left. You can also use Herakles bracers to manipulate the ball through the grid and lift it to the base plate.

Then up the platforms to the large door. Pull the lever in front of it and it opens, behind which you have to defeat a cyclops named Mikros the cute. The good reacts particularly badly to blocks of rock that are thundered in the head with the help of Heracles bracers. This way the stun bar fills up faster.

Then up the platforms to the west, where you collect the jug of Aiolus and then further up to the chest, where you collect a lightning bolt from Zeus .

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