Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

During the past weekend, Bandai Namco opened a closed beta period to test the network functions of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. We love the manga created by Akira Toriyama and we were very curious to see what the new video game that will arrive during the next year would be like for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

The first thing that catches our attention on the title screen is to find a version of the song No Leaf Clover by Metallica. We do not know if it is some kind of agreement or siren songs sound for lovers of plagiarism trials. Anyway, fans of the popular group will recognize the song right away.

We show up in Toki Toki City as the coolest in the class

Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Once inside the game menus it is time to create our character. We can choose between a human or a Namekian. The character editing screen is quite complete and we can create very interesting characters. In some cases it is simply a mixture of various hairstyles and attributes, but the result is very satisfactory. In addition, during the game we will get new collectibles with which to create our favorite character. We opted for a somewhat emo version of Yamcha.

We finally appear in Toki Toki City. At first glance it may seem an empty place but little by little the rest of the players who are playing online with us are appearing. One of the funniest things about the game is the interaction between characters. We can talk to them, challenge them and execute poses that leave us very funny moments. For example, we saw a character performing the fusion pose and we positioned ourselves doing it right next to him. The characters that passed us stood and applauded.

Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

We made some friends and even left a girl speechless

In this city that serves as a nexus, we find several combat options. In offline encounters we will play in different mythical battles in the history of manga. We will have to meet a series of objectives and we will earn points. Online battles will work the same way. We will also have the possibility to create our own team to participate in spectacular 3 vs 3 player battles.

Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Once in combat, it must be recognized that it is quite chaotic. We have not gone through any tutorial and immediately we are receiving the one with the octopus. This happens to us for having created a Yamcha. Luckily it only takes a little patience to test the controls. Right away we get hold of them and with a little skill we can win a fight. The special techniques are used by pressing L2 or R2 plus a single button so it will be very easy to perform them. When we finish the fight we receive points, based on our success.

Once back in Toki Toki City we can visit the shopping area to spend our points on new outfits, accessories, hairstyles and new techniques. The strategic component will be very important since we can equip ourselves with objects that improve our ability and the special attacks that best suit our fighting style.

Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

We even met some eminence


Dragon Ball Xenoverse It might seem a bit chaotic at first, but it didn’t take long to learn the mechanics of the game. Graphically it does not stand out too much but the combat system is a pleasant surprise. The 3v3 player battles are a lot of fun and the customization options ensure hours of fun. Clearly it is a game aimed at fans of the saga, who will find a game much more complete than the installments that have appeared over the last few years.

Impressions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse