We watched the first hours of Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin.

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Baldur’s Gate Is a legendary series. It was she who made the studio famous BioWarewhen in 1998 came out First part… Not a single conversation about the classics of computer RPG is complete without it: where Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment, there is Baldur’s Gate.

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But more than twenty years have passed since its release – and many of us have not even seen those times, and the game itself has not been seen. So let’s first figure out what it looked like. You’ve definitely heard of a board role-playing game at least once Dungeons & Dragons – or saw how the heroes of TV series spend time behind her Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory… This is a significant thing not only for American, but also for world pop culture: in fact, the history of all computer RPGs stretches from D&D. Some games have already gone far from the original rules, some tend to adhere to them.

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So, Baldur’s Gate is one of the last: it was built on the basis of the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. And the AD&D rules fit so well into the video game format that the series currently has nine releases, including DLC ​​and re-releases.

However, not all of them are equally good: over the years, the franchise has gradually lost its greatness. BioWare stopped releasing sequels after the second part, and from that moment on, Baldur’s Gate went in the hands of other developers. And if to spin-offs with a subtitle Dark Alliance the audience reacted favorably, then the latest addition to the franchise, Siege of Dragonspear, took so-so. For over fifteen years, fans have been fed all sorts of remasters, and people began to forget about the once great series. But the situation will soon change: we flew to Nuremberg and watched several hours of gameplay behind closed doors Baldur’s Gate 3.

Divinity + Baldur’s Gate = RPG мечты

The third part is developing Larian Studios – series authors Divinity. And that’s great news for fans of both franchises. After all, Larian has already proven that it copes well with large universes. She also knows how to create elaborate stories – and, most importantly, role-playing games. Her latest project Divinity: Original Sin 2, was almost flawless – so much so that in 2017 we recognized it not only as the best RPG, but also as the main game of the year according to SamaGame.

Before our eyes, the founder of the Larian studio, Sven Winke, ran through the Forgotten Realms. And this game feels 100% imbued with the spirit of Divinity: Original Sin. The main mechanics almost unchanged migrated to the new project – but this is never a minus, but rather a plus. Divinity’s gameplay is great for Baldur’s Gate too. Variable dialogues, relationships with deeply written characters, turn-based combat – everything works like a clock.

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Nevertheless, some details have been changed. For example, now each member of the squad can use several basic movements: dash, jump and push. The first helps to reduce or increase the distance with the enemy. The second one allows you to take more advantageous positions for firing. Well, with a push, we will throw opponents from occupied heights.

Baldur’s Gate 3 will have another important element that migrated straight from the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop: twenty-sided cube. In the game, he is responsible for randomness. It works as follows: you need, for example, to take the key from the NPC. You can do it in different ways, for example, by persuasion. If you have charm, you need to roll 3 or more. If not pumped – 10 or more. Luck is important, as in our life with you. At the same time, failure forces us to look for new solutions, which are always there.

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… of this casino!


The plot in BG3 will be completely independent. So if you haven’t played the previous Baldur’s Gate, it’s okay: knowledge of them is not necessary to delve into the third part. However, the developers promise that there will still be Easter eggs for “their own”.

As in Original Sin 2, at the beginning of the game we either choose one of the already registered characters, or create a new one. There is, for example, the cynical, but at the same time charismatic wizard Gail. And there is the vampire Asterion, who has some kind of grater with his master. And they each have their own story with their own special quests, cutscenes and choices.

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Who to play for – the choice is really difficult.

The story begins with a shipwreck: the protagonist was kept there as a prisoner – and also a guinea pig. A parasite was implanted into his head, which should turn the host into a monster. However, this has not yet happened with the protagonist – on the contrary, cool abilities have appeared. The vampire, for example, no longer burns out in sunlight, and later finds out that it can read the minds of other infected. It is with them that the hero unites into a team to go together in search of a cure. But does he really want to find him? After all, while the parasite in my head was only one benefit.

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Impressions of Baldur's Gate 3. Return of the RPG Legend

Sven Vinke: This is one of the fundamental problems that your squad will have to deal with. The tadpole is the source of dark forces. And for someone like a vampire, that’s cool. But some heroes don’t trust the dark forces, and they don’t like it. Because of this, you begin to conflict within the squad. One of the key aspects of the game is the story of trust. How to survive in this world. Or rather, even how to help the world survive when the picture becomes clearer. Such problems are a good source of conflict and drama. And drama will be abundant.

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Drama and variability

Let’s take a closer look at the vampire drama as we saw the gameplay for him. What does a vampire need to feel good? Fresh blood, of course. At the time of one of the squad’s halts, we were offered a choice, to suck on the neck of one of the newly made allies, or to satisfy our hunger with a forest animal. We chose the first option, very successfully rolled the required number on the die, and no one noticed us. Moreover, we managed to hide our vampire essence throughout the gameplay. I suspect that if the team finds out our little secret and matches it with the teeth marks on the cleric’s neck, it will not end well.

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It is not yet clear how the hero will pay for the use of dark abilities. Sven says it’s worth thinking twice before using them. Reminds the mechanics of Prey: there was a similar situation with neuromods and typhon abilities. If he was too keen on pumping alien skills, then at some point defensive turrets began to shoot at the hero. This is because they already recognized him not as a person, but as an enemy. But how it will be implemented in Baldur’s Gate – we’ll see later.

Classes, combat, peace

So far, five classes have been shown: warlock, cleric, assassin, magician and warrior. In this case, it is not necessary to act out as a pure class – you can create hybrids. And you will probably have to use this. The squad during the demonstration consisted of four people, as in Divinity, which means that it will not work to take everyone who you want with you. Co-op will also appear in the game, so you can crush enemies together with your friends.

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In combat, everything is also built according to Divinity patterns: turn-based tactical mode, use of the environment, distribution of action points. And every character, including enemies, has resistances and vulnerabilities. The traps with secrets in the dungeons did not disappear: during the presentation we were shown a room with a flammable floor and fireballs flying back and forth. But this is not the only type of location – there will be large areas for research too. Game cards are not inferior in area to their counterparts from Divinity, so you have to walk a lot. But whether there will be fast travel like the portals from Original Sin, we have not yet been answered.

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A new era is starting now for Baldur’s Gate, and I am personally happy about that. Larian is more than anyone capable of refreshing the series and giving us a deep role-playing game for several tens of hours. She has the credibility of the players, she goes the beaten track, and she comes out great. The game is still announced on PC and Google Stadia, we will wait for new details and will inform you immediately. Tell us in the comments if you believe in the triumphant return of the legendary series.

Source : Game Informer