In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games.

Kayak battle in gamer style: cool retro food games, essential buffs and a little cooking couch co-op to the end. Food plays an important role in these games!

We have to say we are pampered: not only can we choose between more varied than varied meals, but in many games there is also a wide selection of food. It’s as if the designers also know that no character will lead his team into a winning battle on an empty stomach, which is why they pamper our heroes with such virtual delicacies and essential buffs that sometimes even we require a good little ragout.

In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games

As a result, we can now say that the virtual menu that our favorite games can choose from is quite diverse. Of course, as you can see in the Kayak Battle selection, it’s not just about strictly cooking-collecting games right now, but also ones where there’s no harm in getting some special ingredients for victory and some super ability!

Let’s start with a little game history

Until the 1980s, Pac-Man dates back to the appearance of kayaks in video games, but it was still a popular item when we had to add life-reloading stuff. Although, unlike the game, fortunately we don’t have to travel back in time until prehistoric times, only the ’90s – to be exact, 1993 – it’s no exaggeration to say that one of the best food-collecting games was Prehistorik 2.

In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games

If you’re also caught in the mood of a nomadic lifestyle or a desire to gather prehistoric people, don’t hold yourself back: you’ll have a rather funny experience when you have to cut down the enemy with the help of a jerk while collecting french fries, cakes and fruits. Of course, some dinosaurs, accompanied by bears dancing on the verge of madness, occasionally mingled in the depths of a dark cave.

Of course, we can also level up

True, we’re not jumping forward to antiquity, but rather to action- and imagination-rich worlds like the fascinating realms of Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy, for example. In these games, food gathering is not our primary goal either, but it will not be a less negligible part of the fighting.

In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games

By consuming a speck of food or ingredients, we can turbo-charge our warrior and magical abilities. In addition, in the world of Monster Hunter, specially cute cat chefs (or palicos) prepare more and more complicated food for us from level to level, but we can even grow plants for our medicinal drinks in our own small botanical garden if we don’t want to get them from merchants. Of course, eating food gives us extra abilities, so it’s worth the wait until the food is sipping in the bowl.

The situation is similar in Final Fantasy XV, where in the wonderful world of Eos, in addition to mowing down enemy monsters, we can head into a roadside snack bar in a dusty little town to top up with some beer and a hearty dinner. Although, in truth, the culinary delights here culminate when Ignis surrenders to the science of cooking at one of the camp sites whipped in designated locations.

In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games

But let’s not forget about couch co-op games

Especially not when it comes to the Overcooked series. After all, what better way to turn a peaceful group of friends or family into an explosive barrel of gunpowder than a virtual restaurant where the work of up to 4 people has to be coordinated at once?

From this game, we will surely learn that community cooking and running a restaurant kitchen poses difficult challenges for avid hobby chefs. In the end, we have to complete the different levels with a healthy mind and vocal cords, so that we always fulfill the current order of the guests, slice the vegetables, and put together the burgers and salads in the right order. Plus, we even have to do the dishes after ourselves if we need to, but so at least we do some housework virtually.

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In the footsteps of the Great Kayak Battle, or the best food games

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