Increase the taskbar in Windows 10.

Increase the taskbar in Windows 10

Method 1: Enlarge Icons

You can use the built-in tools to enlarge the taskbar icons, thus changing the size of the area itself. The procedure itself is done in your settings section, but there are several ways to get to it. You can also change the size of the screen, but this will also enlarge other elements of the Windows 10 interface: desktop icons, windows, the main menu.

Increase the taskbar in Windows 10

Option 1: “Taskbar Options”

If the taskbar icons are too small, check that the corresponding function is not activated:

  • Right-click on the panel and select “Taskbar Settings”.
  • The application window will open automatically «Options» tab «Taskbar» tab. Check if the option “Use small buttons on taskbar” is enabled. If so, disable it with the toggle switch and then not only the icons will be bigger, but also the panel itself.
  • Option 2: “Customization”

    The next option also involves checking if small icons are enabled, but getting to the settings section is another way:

    Increase the taskbar in Windows 10
  • Click on the “Start” icon. and select a “Settings” app whose icon is styled like a cogwheel.
  • Select the “Personalization” section.
  • In the new window, click on the “Taskbar” tab, then do the same as in step 2 of the previous option.
  • By the way, you get to the “Customization” section. You can also use the desktop context menu: right-click on an empty area and select the appropriate option.

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    Increase the taskbar in Windows 10

    Option 3: Setting the screen zoom

    If small button display is disabled and the bar is still too small, try changing the screen scale. This will make all interface elements bigger, including the taskbar:

  • Through the “Options” application go to the “System” section.
  • On the tab. Find the “Display” unit “Scale and Arrangement” and select a percentage value for the adjustment from the dropdown menu. If it is initially set to 100%, then set to a higher value.
  • Other scaling settings are also available by clicking the link below. A new window will open where you can manually adjust the value from 100% to 500%. This is only possible if your video card allows it.

    Increase the taskbar in Windows 10

    Method 2: Resize the panel

    You can enlarge the taskbar in Windows 10 by dragging its borders. In this case, it will be stretched and the size of the icons and text will not change, and if the area is large enough, the icons will be placed in two or three rows. To enlarge it, simply hover your mouse over the edge of the panel. The standard mouse cursor will change into a double-headed arrow. Drag up to enlarge the taskbar.

    If the mouse pointer doesn’t change when you hover over it, the taskbar is almost certainly fixed, preventing the user from changing its location and size. Right-click and uncheck the “Fix the taskbar” option.

    You can also separate it through the “Options” application window: in the personalization section of the “Taskbar” tab. deactivate the corresponding function with the toggle switch.

    Increase the taskbar in Windows 10

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