Often the “small” games tell great themes with a delicacy and originality that large productions, paradoxically, cannot afford.

In early August, we had the opportunity to try out a short PC demo of InMost and were pleasantly impressed, but now that the game has arrived on the Switch, we can say for sure that the Nintendo console is the platform. Almost perfect shape for a game of this type, which makes pixel-art a very sharp weapon to tell its story.

Monstrous attention to detail and the judicious choice of different color palettes have enabled InMost to rise significantly above the average for independent titles. The developers have spent a lot of time creating every detail, from the flickering light of a lantern to the blast of the wind sweeping the leaves, but the result greatly rewards their efforts.

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As we already told you during the preview, the game follows the stories of three characters, which you will have to take control in alternating phases depending on the progress of the story. A little girl left alone in a colonial house full of strange presences, a middle-aged man lost in a dark and labyrinthine place, and a knight plunged into a scenario that is only seemingly deserted. The three share the stage equally and will have to face the ghostly figures that haunt them in their own way.

The little girl is apparently the most fragile character: she can move slowly and by dressing her clothes you can only try to escape the shadows by moving the objects that will allow you to achieve the set goal. The ‘ordinary’ man, on the other hand, can jump and the gameplay that sees him as the protagonist closely resembles that of Limbo, with a balanced mix of 2D platforming sections and environmental puzzle solving. Finally, the knight is the only one to fight with his elusive foe and can also use some sort of grappling hook, but such tools do not completely protect him from death.

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Light and darkness, hopes and incurable traumas, entirely human weaknesses which nourish entities which are not at all human. InMost’s simple gameplay elements convey very serious messages, often expressed through the phrases that some NPCs will address to the protagonists.

We cannot delve into this topic as we would travel dangerously to the spoiler frontier. What we can advise me is not to stop at the mechanical part of the game because you risk calling it “another indie all smoky and without roast”.

Always listen to what NPCs tell you: behind seemingly simple sentences, deep meanings can be hidden.

Sound plays a hugely important role in InMost and Chucklefish has shown that he knows how to do things the best way. Even on a console with not monstrous audio potential like the Nintendo Switch, the game works quite well, but if you have a good headset, we recommend that you use it to better appreciate the excellent sound effects, able to penetrate your earbuds with a almost crystalline cleaning. The soundtrack is not particularly varied but the atmosphere it manages to convey is perfectly in line with the not so happy atmosphere of the game.

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Equally excellent is the pixel-art with which the team managed to draw the difficult atmospheres of the game. In this case too we advise you not to use it in a hurry but to enjoy each screen serenely, enjoying sometimes imperceptible details like the rustle of the wind which moves the leaves, the glow of the lanterns which light up an otherwise dark room or even a simple cat. , composed of a handful of pixels which nevertheless manage to convey its elegant not plush.

The monsters that you will encounter on your way represent in many ways the weaknesses that their human counterparts hide.

It will take you around 4 hours to get to the epilogue, but what will amaze you as you approach this final stage will be how the different stories connect with each other to kiss each other in a climax that s’ will cling to you and not let you go so soon after the closing credits.

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Source : Reddit