When building a computer, it is very important to choose the right graphics card. However, not everyone can afford the most expensive components. That is why Inno3d has prepared a model of the GeForce GT1030 graphics card, which is to combine an affordable price with effective operation.

Can a cheap graphics card live up to expectations? Fortunately, the Inno3d GeForce GT1030 model works under the control of the efficient Pascal GP108 graphics chip. This chip has 384 CUDA cores, 24 texture units and 8 rasterization units. The clock speed is 1257 MHz, and in boost mode – 1506 MHz. Memory bandwidth is 48 GB/s.

Inno3d GeForce GT1030 is equipped with passive cooling in the form of a radiator. Thanks to this, the device is characterized by a high work culture, which is certainly a great advantage, especially during night gaming sessions. Then every, even the quietest sound, can disturb other household members.

The product is equipped with GDDR5 memory chips with a capacity of 2 GB. The maximum clock speed is 6008 MHz. The RAM communicates with the graphics chip via a 64-bit bus. This specification guarantees trouble-free playing of such popular titles as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The GeForce GT1030 is equipped with several practical standards, including OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX 12. However, in the construction itself there is an HDMI and DVI-D input. It is worth noting that the card allows you to connect and use several monitors at the same time. Importantly, Inno3d GeForce GT1030 does not need additional power. All the current is taken from the PCI-E 3.0 slot and is 30 W.

The price of the Inno3d GeForce GT1030 card is about PLN 330. It is therefore a good proposition for people who assemble cheap and efficient computer sets. GeForce GT1030 is an interesting alternative to integrated graphics cards, the performance of which can leave much to be desired.

Technical data:

  • passive radiator cooling,
  • DVI-D and HDMI connectors,
  • 2GB DDR5 64-bit,
  • CUDA: 384 cores,
  • graphics chip Pascal GP108,
  • OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX 12,
  • connector type: PCI Express x16,
  • card length : 167.

About Innod3d

The company debuted on the market in 1998 and comes from Hong Kong. The first production lines were established in 1990 in Shenzhen, China. InnoVISION Multimedia Limited is a pioneer on the market of developers and producers of the latest PC hardware.