Insomniac games, accused by a former employee of hiding sexual harassment of women at work, posted his response on Twitter.

« We are aware of the allegations made in a former employee’s tweets today and have taken many steps to address them. For legal and confidentiality reasons, we will not respond to individual allegations regarding specific former employees.“Wrote the company. “We are a workplace family who have actively promoted diversity, inclusion, representation and equality throughout our lives. We will continue to do it everyday« .

The response comes less than two hours after the former Insomniac Games employee, Sol Brennan, who worked for the company as a technical director between 2016 and 2020, said the company abused some women and “protected” three sexual abuses. Insomniac did not address Brennan directly in his response.

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Brennan, who is now Unity’s lead technical artist, tweeted a long thread about her experience working with Insomniac.

« I have a double-digit list of women who have been affected by the actions of this company – some to the point that they refused to mention it «Brennan a dit. »Insomniac has hampered some women’s careers, left them no choice but to quit, and protected those responsible for such actions« .

Brennan says that Edgar vargas, another former insomniac, was responsible for repeated harassment, adding that he made inappropriate comments against some women and was ultimately fired for helping an intern.

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More Insomniac employees, current and former, have supported Brennan. Dahlia Hegabfor example, she wrote that she was “one of those women” being harassed. 3D character artist Xavier Coelho-Kostolny upped the dose, saying everything Brennan wrote to be true.

« This is just the tip of the iceberg“Brennan wrote. “There are a lot of other things that have destroyed me over time. Last year was certainly the worst. «

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