Install the MELBET application on the iPhone.

Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

Method 1: Standard Tools

The easiest method to download the MELBET application for iPhone is to use the official store, regardless of the device model. However, although it is compatible with iOS up to version 10.0, it is advisable to update to the current version beforehand to avoid problems with the application.

Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

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Option 1: App Store

If you haven’t previously installed the app, downloading it from the App Store is literally the only option currently available. Also, unfortunately, it is not possible to bypass regional restrictions for countries where MELBET is not officially available for one reason or another.

Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

Download MELBET on the App Store

  • Go to the link above, click the button marked “Download” and confirm your free purchase in the pop-up window. Depending on the device model, you will have to place your finger on the “HOME” button or go through a Face ID scan.
  • As an additional step, download confirmation may sometimes be required if traffic saving is enabled in your device’s settings. Either way, this will start the download.
  • Wait for the download to complete, the status of which can be tracked on the app page. You can open the application in the future using the corresponding button or icon on the home screen of the device.

    Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

    Option 2: Shopping list

    A workaround, and one of the ways to download apps that are not available in certain countries, can be a list of previous purchases. As you can easily guess, this is only relevant in cases where the app is still available on the official store and has been previously downloaded on one of the devices.

  • In a similar way to the previous option, open the standard “App Store” application and in the upper right corner, click on the profile image. Here you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Purchases”.
  • While on the… “Shopping” page, tap on the “Search” block and search for the “MELBET” app. If no results show up during the search, make sure to try switching to the “Not on this iPhone” tab.
  • To start the download itself, use the button with the arrow icon. When finished, a button will be displayed in the same place “Open” as well as the MELBET icon appears on the home screen.

    Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

    Method 2: Create a bookmark

    As a complement to the previous option, it is impossible not to mention the possibility of creating an icon of the official MELBET website. This will allow quick access at all times to the main functions of the service fully adapted to mobile phones, without the need to install a separate program.

    MELBET official website

  • Use the link above to go to the official website of the bookmaker and in the bottom bar click on «Share». After this, in the pop-up window, simply touch the item «Home screen». and confirm that a new icon has been created.
  • Currently this service does not allow working in web application mode, so the website will always open in the default browser. Also, the app icon is automatically generated and is a thumbnail image of the website at the moment it is opened.
  • We won’t go into details, but we will point out that some features of the app’s operation can be modified using the standard “Commands”. You can also search the App Store for third-party tools to create web app counterparts.

    Install the MELBET application on the iPhone

    Method 3: Third Party Tools

    Another and last way to download MELBET on the iPhone is to use third-party tools, such as the iMazing tool that we are considering. Similar programs for Windows allow you to search for apps in the App Store on behalf of the desired apple ID and download them to the device connected to your computer.

    Download iMazing from the official website

  • Download the setup file from the official website using the above link and install it. At the same time, you have to connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

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    Install the MELBET application on the iPhone
  • Once you have solved the installation, in the activation window, click on “Continue trial period”. You can also purchase the paid version with more features.
  • In the main window of the program, scroll through the list of actions and select “Manage applications”. Please note that in this step and in the following ones, verification by means of a secret code may be required.
  • On the “Application Management” page, select the “Media Library” tab. and at the bottom, next to the search field, press “Add from the App Store”. Next, you need to search for the desired app in the pop-up window.
  • If the application has been found successfully, press the arrow button on the right side of the line. Otherwise, unfortunately you will not be able to use the application.
  • In the pop-up window, make sure to enter the apple ID and password of the account used on the device connected to the computer. If everything is correct, proceed to additional verification and wait for the download to complete.
  • You can confirm that the download is successful if the icon appears in the list of apps in the “Manage apps” window or from the home screen of the device. On the other hand, iMazing and the like can be used to install IPA software, but it requires a jailbreak, which is not available on most modern iPhones.