Managing and installing new apps from outside of the official Android TV store is now much easier: APKMirror, the application of the famous application portal, lands on Android TV’s Google Play. With it you can install applications, both as a unit file and as a “bundle”.

Despite the fact that a TV and a cell phone look so different, the truth is, they stay together because the two “got smart.” They can even share the operating system, which Android on smartphones and Android TV on television they facilitate access to streaming services, games and a multitude of applications. And not because it is on TVs, Android TV blocks the installation of APK files, because it is possible to access these files and install them on the phone. In fact, APKMirror is a new TV app that makes the job much easier: is already in the Android TV store.

APKMirror Installer for Android TV, very useful for bundles

Install APKMirror from Google Play of Android TV

The application we are talking about allows the installation of files in APK as long as they are already in the device memory. This was already the case on smartphones, this does not change on Android TV either: keep in mind that APKMirror Installer does not access the web page to download the files. Wow, not an alternative store, ‘just’ an installer.

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While Android TV devices allow APK installation without the need for apps (they have a native installer for packages just like mobile phones), having APKMirror Installer opens the door to installing files in “bundle” or “bundle”. This type of format, more and more frequent among developers, facilitates the packaging of apps since it is not necessary to separate an installation according to the architecture of the device or additional files to make it work: the installer will choose the most appropriate version of the ‘bundle’. This type of installation is not natively on Android TV, hence the importance of APKMirror Installer.

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Apkmirror Android Tv

To use the installation, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android TV and search for “app mirror”: it will appear for installation. You can also click on this link and choose your Android TV from the list for remote installation.
  • Download the app of your choice from APKMirror (or other repositories).
  • Upload the files you downloaded to Android TV. You can also insert them in a USB stick, for example (if the device has this port).
  • Open APKMirror Installer and click “Browse files”.
  • Locate the files and click on them: after a few steps, they will be installed on the Android TV.
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Apkmirror Android Tv

With the app it is much easier to install apps in APK, especially if they come in the form of a “bundle”. It’s safe, free, and, yes, it has built-in ads.

Installer APKMirror

Installer APKMirror

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