As of 2016, the stereotype that gambling is purely a male pastime is no longer entirely true. There are not only more and more women on the PC or console, but also in the games themselves. Relatively speaking, there are still too few of them, so it’s high time to put a few female characters in the center.

This preview doesn’t cover flirty guys like Princess Peach or Ashley Graham who have to save you time and time again. We don’t pay attention to boring characters like Vanilla and Navi drawing blood under your fingernails. No, all the attention is on the powerful women who resist.

Samus Aran (Metro series)

The first Metroid game of 1986 is not only a classic, but it has one of the most surprising endings of all time. After defeating countless Space Pirates and the last boss of Mother Brain, a remarkable revelation comes. The protagonist is revealed to be not a man or a cyborg, but a voluptuous woman in a Power Suit. Samus Aran is one of the first female characters in gaming history. With countless games across all Nintendo platforms, the veteran is now a staple.

Ellie (The Last of Us)

Ellie can look like Ellen Page like two drops of water, the Canadian actress has nothing to do with this game. Don’t be fooled by Ellie’s childish appearance. The bright teenager did not fall on his mouth. In a post-apocalyptic world filled with infected people, brave Ellie is holding out. Although you play most of The Last of Us with the figure of the sour father Joel, the bond between the two survivors is so moving that its complex nature is central to the story.


Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge)

Run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and keep going. Mirror’s Edge is odd with its elements of parkour, but quickly became a cult hit. So it’s no surprise that eight years after release a “reboot” of the game. This is in large part thanks to the Rebel Faith. With her iconic face tattoo and sassy haircut, she faces an oppressive government at the risk of her own life. The athletic runner may not say much, but she lets her fists and feet speak enthusiastically.


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Lara Croft made her debut in 1996 in the three-dimensional action-adventure game Tomb Raider. His spiritual father Toby Gard, however, originally had other plans: a male equivalent of Indiana Jones. In the end, the choice of a female protagonist did not harm the creator. Thanks to the necessary metamorphoses, the British archaeologist quickly became more than just an object of pleasure with a large breast. Tough, athletic and adventurous, but now also young and vulnerable. If a woman can get away with it, it’s Lara Croft.


Chun-Li (Street Fighter Series)

“So where are these beautiful legs going?” It’s a comment you’d better keep to yourself as a man, because Chun-Li can peddle it relentlessly. In addition, it is also very fast and agile. The Chinese lady made her Street Fighter 2 debut in 1991. She is an undercover agent looking for Mr. Bison, responsible for the murder of her father. Additionally, Chun-Li is the first female character in a fighting game. Despite the necessary competition from Cammy, Rose, and other street fighters, Chun-Li cannot be left out of the series.


Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)

As a woman, you need to have a lot of bullets on your body to stand next to an iconic figure like Gordon Freeman. Daughter of scientist Eli Vance, she grew up at the Black Mesa Research Facility. During her sheltered childhood, she developed her own robot friend dog to protect her. She finally becomes one of the mainstays of the Resistance in Town 17. When Freeman steps in, she leaves with him to defeat the Combine. Fortunately, because without her, Gordon would have been a long time ago. Alyx is not just any female sidekick. She is your full partner throughout Half-Life 2, as she should be.


Maxine Caulfield (Life is Strange)

The episodic adventure game Life is Strange is a pleasant surprise of 2015. This is in part due to the fascinating story of the main character Max. The sensitive young woman’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that she has supernatural powers. Sweet Max may not seem as picky as the other women on this list, but appearances are deceptive. After all, she faces fierce ethical dilemmas. Rebel Chloe is the other way around, but it makes the chemistry between the two friends all the more appealing.


Jade (Beyond good and evil)

Jade is a special lady in many ways. In a male era dominated by tough guys like Solid Snake, Max Payne, and Sam Fisher, she entered. It’s not easy in a world where female characters in the game have to make up for their lack of content with their cup size. However, Ubisoft is deliberately posing a different type in Beyond Good and Evil. Jade is a compassionate photojournalist with both qualities and flaws. She therefore has mainly human features and thus paints a more realistic image of women than a simple trigger for sexual symbols. This makes Jade popular with both male and female players.


Bayonetta (Bayonetta series)

His latex costumes and high heels don’t betray him, but this witch is already 605 years old. Where exactly this came from is a mystery to everyone, including herself. His shoe guns and exaggerated sexuality are sure to have a devastating effect on his angelic opponents. Her appearance is exaggerated and her statements are often unnecessarily ambiguous, but one thing is for sure: this strong woman cannot be boxed. Not to mention the one time she spent 500 years on the ocean floor. Either way, Bayonetta is a strong woman who single-handedly put the brawler genre back on the map in 2009.


Jill Valentine (série Resident Evil)

“It was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich. Twenty years ago, Resident Evil put the survival horror genre on the map. Jill Valentine may have been weaker and faster than Chris Redfield, but had a larger inventory and a pistol at her disposal. However, that doesn’t make the female protagonist any less powerful, as Jill knows how to deal with brain-eating zombies, mutated dogs, and giant spiders. And of course with lowered ceilings.


Source: IGN