Iron Danger is a game full of danger, iron, strength, difficulty, swords, steel and all of those things. And it may only take a few hours with him, but I think I’m really in love. Its creators sell it as some sort of RPG, but it’s actually more of a fighting game with swords, axes, and special moves that gradually unlock. It’s linear, for now, and the story in the background lets you jump perfectly. All that is not a problem for me, because when it really shines it is when you are immersed in a fight.

For reasons that don’t make much sense, in these fights you have a special ability. You can pause the action when things are going against you – or even when they don’t, I guess – to step back a few seconds (or “heartbeats” as the game calls them) and do something about it. different. The result is a fantastic fighting game in which you have a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Or for that we understand, in a mix of Adobe Premiere with The Lord of the Rings. When you control multiple characters, you have two timelines. It really is a frenzy.

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I don’t know if you’ll have played Superhot, a shooter where time only moves when you do, or that game where you bomb Berlin nightclubs in a Trabant (I’m not kidding , it was a real game; All Walls Must Fall, to be exact), but the feeling in Iron Danger is similar. At first it gives you a surge of energy just knowing that something so bright is out there. A game that imposes a restriction which, in reality, gives the sensation of offering you pure and simple freedom! Then you lean back in the chair and adopt a director’s mindset, and try to make the most of every situation.

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The different members of your group usually have complementary skills. At one point, he had a weak person in him, but with different shooting powers. I use it to keep enemies at bay, but also to ignite my character’s weapon to deal elemental damage. My character can block, so for a few heartbeats he doesn’t do anything, just because he’s waiting for enemies to attack. In this game you have to wait until the last moment and then, pam, block. Perfect. Then I fight before they can try to strike again. Blocking requires reloading, which means keeping track of the cluster of enemies, but hey, I have the Mistress with some firepower to keep them at bay.

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When I make a mistake, things go wrong. You don’t have a lot of health, at least in the first part of the game, which is what I tested. But because of this, I quickly adopt a kind of speculative violence. Will it work? And that? No? Maybe the other? Be like an amateur, look for ways to hit your head, and maximize the damage.

Here at best you get lost a bit. You are three moves later controlling the fire lady and you forget that you have already killed people who would have already finished the tank, so you don’t do much except fight enemies who are no longer there because at this point of the timeline are already dead. What you have, at the end of the day, is a game that lets you explore various possible fights until you finally edit the battle you really want to fight.

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Where will he go from here? I sincerely hope not much further. New skills, new enemies, and increasingly complex situations are enough for me. This will be enough to bring out what really shines in this premise. This will be the real danger of iron.

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