A few months ago, we learned that Valve and Microsoft had teamed up with HP to develop what appeared to be a new model of your virtual reality glasses, HP reverb. Three companies deep in the technological world which have already revealed the characteristics of their new offspring.

This is the HP Reverb G2, the successors of the first Reverges who wish to register to compete in the market for virtual reality lenses specialized in video games. According to HP, are the glasses with the highest resolution to date. Plus, they were bred in conjunction with Microsoft’s mixed reality technology (you know, that of HoloLens).

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The bezels can achieve a resolution of up to 2160 x 2160 pixels, a number comparatively higher than other devices such as the Valve Index and its 1440 x 1600 pixels. In other words, 2K by 2K in each eye. Of course, the field of view doesn’t reach 130 degrees compared to Valve’s own goggles. The new ones from HP (also in collaboration with Valve, ironically) remain at 114.

Another of its main features is the Audio spatial 3D, with which they want us to deepen the gaming environments more and more. It is true that something like this can be heavy for long gaming sessions, but from HP they assure that the pads have been significantly improved compared to those of the previous generation, in addition to having better weight redistribution.

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On the other hand, we have the controls, which have been redesigned to optimize them for the main purpose of this product, what plays. More buttons, better recognition of the movements we make with them, and more.

Half-Life: Alyx rocked the world of virtual reality. Such a revolutionary game had to happen for the player on foot to begin to take an interest in this technology, and the HP Reverb G2 wants to take advantage of it. Will they be able to support the heavyweights of the market? In the fall, we’ll know when they go on sale for 599 $.